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sunDial quad nominated for PLASA Innovation Award

sunDial quad nominated for PLASA Innovation Award

UK – Artistic Licence will be showing its newly launched trailing edge mains dimmer, sunDial quad, at PLASA London. With outstanding dimming performance and advanced safety features, the product is set to trigger a conceptual shift in the perceived suitability of dimmable LED replacement bulbs for the professional market. As such, AL is proud to enter sunDial quad into the PLASA Awards for Innovation.

The product works 'out of the box' with any dimmable replacement LED bulb (or dimmable incandescent or CFL source), but performance can be further optimised by the selection (via RDM) of one of four dimming curves on a per-channel basis.

sunDial quad will trigger a conceptual shift in the perceived suitability of dimmable LED replacement bulbs for the professional market. Previously, the lack of a credible dimmer for this type of fixture represented a barrier to their widespread adoption. Now, the industry can be confident that switching over to this convenient and eco-friendly form of illumination will not compromise the ability to dim smoothly to low light levels, essential for control over theatre and cinema house lights, bars and restaurants, etc.

The quality of dimming achievable with sunDial quad is one of its major selling points. The product’s ultra-high resolution internal dimming allows the small window of useable LED lamp dimming response to be spread out over the entire DMX512 level range. Pre-defined dimming curves can be selected via RDM on a per channel basis; there are currently four profiles that should suit most generic fixture types. Artistic Licence has also built a free database of lamp-specific dimmer curve files that are automatically generated by our in-house photometric analyser. For ultimate control, customers can edit dimming curves and upload files (using DMX-Workshop, AL's free software management tool) to perfectly match chosen lamps. The ability to upload custom dimming curves on each of the outputs makes sunDial a true ‘multi-tasker’, removing the need for multiple dimmers.

sunDial quad has been designed to be extremely resilient, with intelligent features that reduce ongoing maintenance needs. Active de-rating ensures that the product scales back if it approaches its maximum operating temperature. When the internal temperature sensors detect that it has cooled sufficiently, full operation is resumed. Self-healing outputs shut down in response to over-current, short-circuit and over-temperature situations. Normal operation resumes without user intervention when the fault has passed.

The standard product, sunDial quad dmx 1k, is controlled via DMX512/RDM. We will also soon offer a product variant, sunDial quad xgc 1k, which incorporates Xicato GalaXi technology. This allows wireless control, which is particularly suitable for heritage buildings and retrofit applications where the installation of new data cabling would be problematic. The xgc product merges radio and DMX data on an HTP basis.


  • Trailing edge mains dimmer

  • DMX512/RDM controlled

  • Scene playback

  • Programmable data loss mode

  • Xicato GalaXi wireless control optional

  • Compatible with dimmable LED replacement bulbs – perfect for ‘dim-to-warm’ fixtures

  • Also suitable for dimmable CFL and incandescent sources

  • 4 outputs, 250W per circuit

  • Bridge mode provides 500W per pair of outputs

  • Choice of 4 editable dimming curves, uploadable on a per output basis via DMX-Workshop

  • LED indication for DMX/RDM/playback, power, identify, outputs and fault conditions

  • Convection cooled with active derating

  • RDM sensors for temperature, frequency and power

  • Automatic heat and current management

  • CAT III rated for installation directly into distribution boards

  • Generator tolerant design – stable operation in marine applications

  • DIN Rail or surface mount

6th September 2019

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