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Ana Casillas Celebrates Passion for Mexico with Chauvet Professional

Ana Casillas Celebrates Passion for Mexico with Chauvet Professional

Mexico – At the start of 2020, Ana Casillas released “Tú a tu vida y yo a la mía,” which roughly translates in English to “You To Your Life, Me To Mine.” It is an apt title for the Baja California born singer at this point in her career, as she sets out on a very personal path to interpret regional and traditional Mexican music in a bold new way that reflects her own passion and strength as a woman.

Drawing on her Michoacan and Jaliscience roots, she has worked with renowned composers and executive producer Juan Páez, Casillas to create a sound that builds on traditional music, as it transcends time and place to celebrate the majesty and beauty of Mexican culture.

The breath and power of Casillas’ new sound was on full display this summer when she recorded a video at the famous Morelos Theater in Toluca. Reflecting her music with intensely dynamic and colourful looks was a light show that featured the Maverick MK3 Wash, Maverick MK 1 Hybrid, Maverick MK3 Profile, Maverick MK3 Spot and Rogue R3 Spot from Chauvet Professional.

The impressive stage of the theatre was dressed in colours to complement Casillas’ interpretations of Mexican music, which were supported by melodies from the Mariachi Selección Especial company. The theatre staff was particularly impressed by the power of the equipment of the Maverick MK3 Profile with its 820 W LED. This fixture’s adjustable CRI helped the design team achieve optimal lighting to match the tones of skin and colourful costumes.

With the intention of continuing the promotion of her new album and in honour of the national holidays that are celebrated in September, Ana Casillas decided to share her "Passion for Mexico" with fans by broadcasting another virtual concert. So, she streamed a performance from the Chauvet Professional showroom on Sunday 13th September.

At this programme, the high-resolution F3 LED video panel displayed provided a captivating background by displaying visuals that reflected the emblematic details of Mexico that this gifted singer has always sought to highlight in her presentations.

Special effects at the improvised livestream recording studio were provided by the Rogue R1 FX-B and Strike 1, as well as the Maverick MK Pyxis and Maverick MK 2 Wash. The recording session rig also featured Ovation E-910 FC, Ovation E-260 WW, and Ovation E-260 CW fixtures for stage lighting, as well as the COLORado Solo Batten, COLORado 3 Solo, COLORado M Solo, and COLORado 2-Quad Zoom, which added vibrant colours to the programme.

Captivating viewers, the livestream uplifted spirits with Casillas’ heartfelt performance, while reminding everyone to look forward and celebrate all that is good, even during a time of pandemic.

Ana Casillas Celebrates Passion for Mexico with Chauvet ProfessionalAna Casillas Celebrates Passion for Mexico with Chauvet Professional

23rd October 2020

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