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LED Creative Release New Software for Byte

LED Creative Release New Software for Byte

LED Creative’s ground-breaking Byte Controller has entered its fourth year of providing some of television's largest shows with maximum control and small channel footprint. Offering production companies and LDs alike the ability to create a pixel map look without the cost of extra processing. This is done by the controller offering multiple FX layers and a background colour layer including adjustable speed, size and copies of the effects, this is all controlled from a maximum of 32 DMX channels driven from a lighting console. Other control options are available to reduce the amount of DMX channels required while still giving the operator the utmost control. 2020 Brings Byte its biggest update since its release in 2017.

New Features include:

  • “Virtual Canvas” Allowing grouping over multiple controllers, meaning up to 140m of LED can be controlled as if it were one piece.

  • Colour Wipe Effects.

  • New Channel Mode (32 channels) allows 16 fixtures to a fit on a single DMX Universe.

  • Console Offset increased to 16Bit allowing pixel by pixel control of linear effects even up to the maximum 140m of LED Grouped.

  • FX Speeds refined for even more control

  • Setup Menus have been made more user friendly and faster to navigate.

  • FX Stop – Allowing the operator to stop or pause any effect at the desired point for any length of time.

Commenting on the software update LED Creatives Owner Ges Smith says: “Here at LC HQ we keep striving to improve our already very versatile Byte Controllers, by listening to operators and technicians alike. Although most of the time these updates go without any shouting, our latest one deserves its moment in the spotlight! With this latest update we feel Byte has reached a whole new level and we look forward to seeing what projects it can be used for next.”

Byte already has a large range of products it can control but with these updates more will be getting released soon. Ges Smith goes on to say “Byte is very popular, but its possibilities have only just been seen, there is plenty more to come.”

5th November 2020

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