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Software Update: Hippotizer V4.5.5

Green Hippo has announced the release of Hippotizer software version: 4.5.5. Building on the success of Hippotizer media servers in virtual and live events, TV / broadcast and fixed installations around the world, V4.5.5 is a service release that addresses several important issues and introduces a series of fixes and enhancements in response to user feedback. Green Hippo strongly recommends upgrading from previous 4.5 versions to 4.5.5 as soon as possible.

The main changes in 4.5.5:

  • Upgraded to NDI version 4.5 improving stability and native support for NDI-HX.

  • Improved EDID controls in HippoLauncher for Nevis+.

  • Fixed a bug where fixtures in PixelMapper would ‘jump’ when using the mouse to move them.

  • Fixed a bug where Hippotizer would not install on PREP dongles.

  • Improved the performance of sACN control through the DMX component.

  • Fixed a bug where HippoLauncher had no scroll bars on lower resolution screens.

  • Improved overall performance on Tierra+, Taiga and Taiga+ systems.

Known Issue:

It has been reported that MA-Net from a session containing grandMA2 desks and grandMA3 desks (running MA2 mode) does not work as expected. If an issue is observed, Green Hippo advises using sACN instead of MA-Net.

The Software Assurance date of 4.5.5 in common with all 4.5 releases is: 28-Feb-2019. Software Assurance determines which versions of new software may install and run on a Hippotizer system. Once installed, the software will continue to operate for the life of the machine.

If you have any questions or require support please do not hesitate to contact Green Hippo.

12th November 2020

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