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Renkus-Heinz’ Iconyx Compact Series “Lengthens” The Line to Bring Highly Intelligible Sound to Larger Spaces

Renkus-Heinz’ Iconyx Compact Series “Lengthens” The Line to Bring Highly Intelligible Sound to Larger Spaces

USA – Renkus-Heinz, manufacturer of premium professional loudspeakers, has announced the latest products in its new Iconyx Compact Series: the Iconyx Compact 36/3-RN and the 48/3-RN – two solutions that bring the benefits of the Renkus-Heinz’ Iconyx family into an impressively compact and architecturally friendly package.

“The ICC 36/3 is three metres (10 feet) in length and the ICC 48/3 is four metres (13 feet) in length, all while remaining in the same ultra-compact footprint,” said Ralph Heinz, chief technical officer at Renkus-Heinz. “This design allows the 36/3 and 48/3 to provide significantly more low frequency control, an important consideration for applications where reverberation times peak at low frequencies. In addition, the longer columns will project coherent, highly intelligible sound for longer distances, negating the need for labour intensive distributed systems in many applications.”

The addition of the ICC 36/3 and ICC 48/3 completes the portfolio in the new Iconyx Compact Series, which launched in 2020 to provide additional solutions for integrators seeking highly coherent and steerable sound in highly problematic acoustic spaces. With its compact footprint, the series brings performance and directivity to spaces where even the classic Iconyx arrays might be too large.

The very narrow profile allows the Iconyx Compact Series to blend into nearly any environment, while exceptional directivity helps control even the most challenging acoustics. This brings the premium performance of beam-steered line arrays to even the most architecturally sensitive spaces and provides more opportunities for integration in the house of worship, corporate, transportation, education and government markets.

Both the ICC 36/3 and ICC 48/3, which offer 36 and 48 channels respectively, are constructed with channel digital amplifier power 3"/ 7 7mm full-range, high sensitivity, treated paper cone drivers. These feature an amplifier and DSP channel for each driver. The new products also offer full RHAON II beam-steering with the latest U.R.G.O beam algorithms, a movable acoustic centre, multiple beam opening angles and high-pass filtering of individual beams. That means all of the fidelity and musicality expected of a Renkus-Heinz product, but found in a footprint 40 percent smaller than the classic Iconyx.

The included wall-mount brackets make mounting easy and is nearly invisible behind the arrays. Standard RN units have analogue and AES inputs.

2nd December 2020

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