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City Theatrical Now Shipping Multiverse Receiver Cards

City Theatrical Now Shipping Multiverse Receiver Cards

City Theatrical’s Multiverse Receiver Cards are products that any lighting user can use to implement wireless DMX/RDM into entertainment projects or lighting equipment in a simple way. Multiverse Receiver Cards are now available in either the 2.4GHz or 900MHz* band through City Theatrical distributors worldwide.

Multiverse Receiver Cards (City Theatrical Part Numbers 5906 for 2.4GHz band or 5907 for 900MHz band) are full Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM receivers without the housing, XLR connectors, and user interface as used in wireless DMX receiving products like the Multiverse Node and Multiverse SHoW Baby. Multiverse Receiver Cards include an internal antenna and a connection to an optional external antenna. Configuration for Multiverse Receiver Cards is done via RDM with DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool, or with City Theatrical’s USB Configuration Program for PC/Mac.

In addition to receiving wireless DMX and outputting wired DMX, the Multiverse Receiver Card can output 0-10V, and has four PWM control outputs.

While Multiverse Modules require a full circuit board level implementation by professional lighting manufacturers, Multiverse Receiver Cards can be used by any lighting user to implement wireless DMX/RDM into their lighting equipment, whether props, costumes, or lighting fixtures. Multiverse Receiver Cards can be used as part of a full Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM system to connect up to 10 universes of wireless DMX/RDM to a single Multiverse Transmitter. Lighting manufacturers can use the 0-10V and PWM output capabilities to quickly add wireless DMX control to their products.

Multiverse marks the fifth generation of City Theatrical's engineering development for wireless DMX, with the mission of being able to deliver more data using less radio energy. Multiverse’s patent-pending wireless DMX/RDM technology allows larger and larger systems to be scaled up without producing harmful amounts of radio energy that could disrupt other wireless systems in the venue.

*The 900MHz band is licensed for use in North America only.

24th February 2020

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