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Bandit Lites Emphasises Social Media Connectivity

Bandit Lites Emphasises Social Media Connectivity

USA – With the world uniting in social distancing efforts, friends and families are relying more on social media to connect and engage with loved ones. Bandit Lites has been on the forefront of social media in the industry, recently surpassing more than 120,000 Facebook followers, 54,000 Instagram followers and 16,000 Twitter followers.

“This is a community unlike any other,” said Bandit Lites media relations co-ordinator Sharon Gross. “On any given week we’re seeing nearly one million people reached in the touring industry, from veterans to students to people who simply like to see the behind-the-scene looks of their favourite artists’ tours.”

In addition to sharing the goings on of their shops, tours and installations, Bandit’s team has made available tips and insights through the blog Bandit Dimmer Beach ( Bandit Lites general manager Mark Steinwachs has written more than 250 posts ranging from programming and design tips to debates on what films make up the best “Bus Movies,” and amassed more than 920,000 views.

“There are two different types of people that I've thought about when writing the blog, the young pups and the road dogs,” explained Steinwachs. “For the pups, I hope they gain a little bit of knowledge that most of the road dogs never had going in. It's not the same as doing gigs of course, but every little bit helps when navigating our industry. For the road dogs I tried to make them chuckle, but more than that, I wanted to try and help them see things in a different way. We get set in our ways and sometimes it is hard to see another perspective.”

“Social media is more valuable than ever before,” finished Gross, “and not merely from a brand standpoint. Through these online communities, people are reminded that everyone is connected and can offer one another support and encouragement.”

9th April 2020

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