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Bandit Lites Overhauls Nashville Shop with Expansion

USA – Bandit Lites Nashville shop has always been one of the industry’s busiest hubs for concert lighting prep and technical support, and now the space is in the process of a complete transformation with an expansion that encompasses the entire building and multiple departments.

With a new suite of offices for the sales team, a new technical service division shop and a prep floor area growing from 18,000 square feet to 44,000, the expanded shop will be better equipped to handle Bandit’s business including world tours, corporate events, festivals and system installations.

“Bandit had outgrown its current space,” said Bandit Lites general manager Mark Steinwachs. “Making this move gives us more room to prep ever-growing shows as well as still giving us room to grow in the future.”

Bandit’s team has been practising social distancing and adhering to current state requirements, and select members were able to proceed with streamlining the expansion of the spaces including a mezzanine for inventory, more bathrooms, updated kitchen space, new breakroom, new HVAC, more power and updated warehouse lighting.

“The shop will be ready to function as the industry ramps back up,” added Steinwachs, “but we will continue to streamline our processes in the new setup."

As artists and venues look to the future resume touring and events, Bandit Lites will be ready to make the transition as seamless as possible.

“Once the industry is ready to start again, Bandit will have much improved infrastructure and facilities to enable us to deliver even more high-quality work in a rapid manner,” stated Bandit chair Michael T. Strickland. “We all know there will be a flood of work once the gates are open, and no one will be better positioned than Bandit Lites.”

Aside from the physical expansion, the Bandit team is working remotely on new software systems, new processes and new procedures. Before the total shutdown, Bandit had begun to refurbish all existing inventory. Workstations are now set up in the Nashville facility that allow people to social distance while servicing pieces of equipment. Once the facility does reopen, Bandit has a detailed plan in place that will result in every single piece of equipment being in like-new condition. Bandit had already begun ordering parts from all of the major manufactures in January as leadership anticipated some form of a shut down. The suppliers were phenomenal partners and provided Bandit with the much-needed parts.

The Bandit Lites Nashville technical services division, led by Jake Tickle, will soon move into a brand-new facility with dedicated areas for every task. Tickle will also move into a spacious new office that is purpose-built for not only administrative work, but also to allow him to examine and analyse new equipment.

“Bandit now has in place a plan for reopening that assures the health and safety of every team member,” Strickland finished. “That plan will be fully implemented upon reopening. When the industry is ready to roll trucks, every piece of Bandit gear will be at one hundred percent. We even have a large amount of new gear we ordered in December that was delivered in January and is still new out of the box! We are excited about getting back to work and I want to thank the incredible team and leadership at Bandit Lites for handling this moment in time with grace and dignity. We will get through this and be stronger than ever!”

22nd April 2020

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