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Muzology Gets Assist from Bandit Lites in COVID-19 Outreach for Students

USA – Industry leader Muzology, a music-based learning platform, recently released “All Over The Map (The Coronavirus Song),” a music video to both entertain and educate the masses on Coronavirus safety. Founder Lana Israel worked tirelessly with her team including Andy Zula, Juno (Ashlee Gilot), Maria Christensen, Brandon Matias, Jakob Vanyo and Allison Burchett for a month.

The video was released on 22 April on multiple platforms and can be found on The National Science Foundation website, Bandit’s social media pages, as well as Muzology’s website and YouTube channel. Bandit Lites founder Michael T. Strickland and other Bandit team members have been engaged and involved with Lana and Muzology from the beginning, including with the development of this video.

The star studded video includes Chris Blue (winner of the Voice -Season 12), Juno (Camila Cabello, Lizzo, Fifth Harmony), Tom Yankton (Rascal Flatts, Chicago, RaeLynn), Toby Lightman (recording artist, Prince) and Divinity Roxx on bass (Beyoncé, Victor Wooten, Fantasia).

Muzology is a gamified, music-based learning platform that harnesses the power of music to make learning exciting, effective, and fun. Over a series of studies, Muzology has been proven to boost academic performance and self-confidence. Muzology is a National Science Foundation 2018 award recipient. Muzology was selected as the 2018 Technology Innovation Showcase Company by the National School Board Association (NSBA).

Bandit Lites, Allison Burchett and Strickland have long been a supporter and partner of Muzology and Lana Israel. The initial trial use of the Muzology learning method took place in Knoxville schools a few years ago with unbelievable positive results.

“The catchy tune is aimed at both entreating and educating people as the virus is with us,” explained Strickland. “You cannot help humming the tune after hearing it!”

“Muzology aims to produce songs that are optimized for learning and memory,” reads a statement from the National Science Foundation’s website. “While music has long been recognised for its mnemonic properties (e.g., the ABC song, the 50 states song, etc.) and is widely used as a memory aid in the context of early childhood learning, music-based educational products for the broader K-12 market are rare. Music is unique in its ability to engage learners, make learning enjoyable, and transfer information into memory more readily. Yet, music is predominantly experienced as an entertainment medium. The goal of this research is to position music as a credible pedagogical tool by scientifically crafting songs that support the learning of critical academic skills and concepts, offering today's learners a relevant, effective and efficient medium for boosting learning outcomes.

The potential impact of this research addresses a pressing academic need; how to teach students using pedagogy that is relevant, engaging and scientifically sound. This research will fuel creation of a unique musical form designed specifically to enhance memory and learning, with application to K-12 learning and beyond.”

“The National Science Foundation has helped to make this platform possible,” finished Strickland, “so if you have benefited from the experience, watching the video can be a way of showing appreciation and respect for what the National Science Foundation has done for you. Of greater importance, watching the video could protect, even save a life: your friends, your family members, or possibly your own.”

The tune can be found at the following link:

24th April 2020

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