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Powersoft rolls out Covid-19-specific Deva e-training

Powersoft rolls out Covid-19-specific Deva e-training
Powersoft rolls out Covid-19-specific Deva e-training

Italian innovator Powersoft has committed to continue its online training drive with a pair of hour-long Deva webinars that will take place on Wednesday 15 April at 14:00 (CEST) and 18:00 (CEST). The sessions will be led by Powersoft’s Deva unit sales manager, Cosimo Cecchi, and used to demonstrate all of the functionalities that make Deva such a powerful safety device for modern towns, cities and companies.

Cecchi will walk attendees through all of Deva’s features such as facial recognition, queue countering and SOS and public warning messaging, all abilities that have proven the product to be eminently useful, particularly in recent weeks, as the multimedia device proved vitally important to help tackle the coronavirus pandemic in Italy.

Town and city councils such as Bergamo, Soresina in Lombardia (northern Italy), and Scandicci (Florence) originally installed Deva as their all-in-one multimedia systems, allowing them to broadcast real-time audio streaming and messaging, video surveillance, or Wi-Fi relay to inform and protect tourists and residents. Despite these myriad uses, few could have expected that the Deva systems would be pressed into service in such dire circumstances only a few months later.

With social distancing becoming an integral part of our day-to-day life Deva has proven invaluable in the areas where it has already been installed. As a completely self-sufficient, wireless, and remotely programmable system, Deva has been primarily repurposed as a health and safety and emergency device. It is now predominantly used to send messages of support to citizens and deliver information about measures that could help to limit the spread of the disease, as well as updating people about the new guidance from the government on the matter.

Deva also offers a series of functionalities that make it a powerful safety device capable of identifying the number of people in an area while responding in real-time when the number of people goes beyond set limits. This can help authorities to prevent people from congregating by improving their response times.

Deva is a unique convergence of multiple devices that can easily be deployed anywhere, enabling automated and direct interaction with the public.

Deva can be used to achieve total coverage in any space, both indoors and outdoors, for real-time or recorded emergency messaging, thanks to the high performances full-range speaker. Integration into existing evacuation systems is also possible thanks to its advanced connectivity options.

A body temperature measurement system can easily be integrated within Deva’s capabilities to help security personnel screen employees or visitors. This ability to detect early symptoms makes Deva a smart tool for preventing transmission from infected people and screening others who may not know they have a fever.

According to Powersoft’s Cosimo Cecchi, it is the company’s proximity to this situation that has made it all the more determined to offer this training to as wide an audience as possible. He said: “It’s easy to be cynical about the decision to conduct product-specific webinars at this time, but we are now seeing that Deva can be priceless to local authorities in times of crisis.

“This really is about equipping them with the tools they need to inform and protect their citizens in the 21st century. The more we are able to educate people on Deva’s benefits and train them in its usage, the more prepared towns and cities can be if a situation like this reoccurs.”

Next Powersoft’s upcoming Deva sessions are as follows:

Wednesday 15 April 2020 (2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CEST) at:

Wednesday 15 April 2020 (6:00 PM - 7:00 PM CEST) at:

Similar Deva sessions will be organised every Wednesday at 2pm and 6pm CET in the coming weeks. For more information on these, please visit the Powersoft dedicated training page which is regularly updated with new webinars and dates, or email

14th April 2020

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