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Stephanie McSpadden MBA Takes on New Role at Bandit Lites

USA – Bandit Lites has announced long time team member Stephanie McSpadden will be taking on a new role as the sales support manager. Her new duties will include overseeing sales invoicing, administrative support of inventory, sales project management within accounting, tax reporting, fixed asset reporting, revenue recognition and project administration.

“All these functions occur as Stephanie is seated in a position between sales and accounting,” said Bandit Lites chair and founder Michael T. Strickland. “She is truly a hybrid leader in her functionality.”

McSpadden first joined Bandit in 2007 as the Knoxville office manager, answering phones and assisting each department as needed. She then joined the purchasing department to support inventory management and shipping followed by a move to the sales department.

“My job evolved as the sales department grew,” explained McSpadden. “I process invoices for the sales department, calculate sales and use taxes, and make sure the team is equipped to do their job efficiently. Recently I have been defining processes for the sales team and looking at how we can use our software to be more efficient. I also work with the accounting team as a liaison between departments, providing both groups the information they need.”

While the sales team was growing exponentially, McSpadden knew that she wanted to continue her education and complete her Master’s Degree in Business Administration, MBA.

“It was always something I wanted to do, and knew I was at a place in my life and career that I needed to decide what I really wanted,” McSpadden said. “I graduated summa cum laude August 2019 from Johnson University. While classes ranged from accounting to business law, there was a continued emphasis on servant leadership. My studies culminated with a capstone project, where my team member and I conducted a feasibility study for Centro Hispano which included a projected multi-million-dollar budget spanning five years.”

“Stephanie has been an amazing part of our team for several years now,” said Chris Barbee, Bandit Lites vice president of sales and Integration. “As our division has grown, she has been an integral part of that growth and keeping me from completely losing my mind. Her former title of sales administrator did not do justice to the work she has been doing, and we felt that we needed to refine the title as well as her role in the division. We are excited for her to continue her growth with our team.”

“Completing my master’s degree in business administration allowed me to build on my knowledge, expanding from the ability to perform tasks, to seeing processes holistically and how to strategically align them with the mission of Bandit Lites,” said McSpadden. “I am thankful for how my career has continuously grown and evolved, and I am excited that I can start this next chapter with the people that have become family over the last thirteen years.”

“I am so very proud of Stephanie, not just for her daily accomplishments at work, but for the phenomenal task of earning an MBA while working and being a wife and mother,” finished Strickland. “Stephanie is truly amazing and the focus and dedication she displayed to excel in all areas of her life is very rare indeed. Stephanie is part of a transformational team that is and has been leading Bandit to new, higher areas in business. We all value her and respect her, while we are excited for what lies next because of her work ethic and dedication! Thank you, Stephanie!”

2nd April 2020

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