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sunDial quad optimised for ETC Source Four Mini LED

sunDial quad optimised for ETC Source Four Mini LED

The Source Four Mini LED from ETC is a miniature version of its classic stage spot. It uses a 12W LED and some clever optics to provide impressive projection, aimed at the museum, retail and restaurant markets.

It has an onboard LED driver that can be controlled with mains phase dimming; as such, it is compatible with the sunDial quad dimmer. Curious to see the results, Artistic Licence trialled the Source Four using sunDial's default linear curve. The dimming was excellent, but limited to the central 70-80% of the DMX512 range. Additionally, the linear curve provides limited control over the critical low light end of the curve.

Artistic Licence then used its photometric lab to create a custom dimming curve for the Source Four Mini LED. The ability to upload custom dimming curves is one of the unique features of sunDial quad (see below for a full description). Artistic Licence maintains an ever-growing library of dimming curves on its website, available to sunDial customers as a free downloadable resource.

The Source Four Mini LED curve spreads the response over the entire DMX range and adds a logarithmic response to improve low level control. The results show the ETC product off to its fullest potential, with a response that should satisfy the most demanding of lighting professionals.

The curve (reference number 40) is available for download from the dimming curves table on the sunDial product page


27th May 2020

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