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ETC Announces ColorSource Spot jr

ETC Announces ColorSource Spot jr
ETC Announces ColorSource Spot jr

ETC ColorSource Spot jr is the newest addition to the ColorSource family of affordable ETC fixtures. At only 5.5kg, ColorSource Spot jr is nearly half the weight of a full-sized ColorSource Spot fixture. And it’s not only half the size, it’s also about half the price.

Like the other ColorSource fixtures, Spot jr offers stunning colours and precise dimming at an irresistible price. Spot jr is available in two array options: Original for subtle pastels and beautiful white light to enhance skin tones, and Deep Blue for more saturated, dramatic colours. Like all ColorSource fixtures, Spot jr includes ETC’s colour integrity technologies ensures the colours set in rehearsal are the same colours seen during the show. This includes thermal droop compensation, third-party lifetime testing, and comprehensive factory colour calibration.

Spot jr has built-in 25-50-degree zoom which is ideal for small stages, club spaces, and retail with both longer and shorter throws.

ETC offers an impressive five-year warranty on the entire fixture, and an astonishing ten-year warranty on the LED array. Pair that with ETC’s unmatched 24/7/365 phone support and you’ll never regret buying a ColorSource Spot jr.

With over 5,700 lumens of brightness, ColorSource Spot jr gives you more of what you love at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the size. Download the MyETC:Photometrics app for full photometric and colour information on this, and all other ETC fixtures.

24th June 2020

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