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Audient Nero Finds its Home in the Wilderness of the Austrian Alps

Audient Nero Finds its Home in the Wilderness of the Austrian Alps
Audient Nero Finds its Home in the Wilderness of the Austrian Alps

Austria – An Audient Nero joins songwriters and producers, Felix Brunhuber and Florian ‘Flo’ Fellier in their newly opened Wilderness Studios, nestled in the Austrian Alps. Realising a dream to establish a studio with “the best sound imaginable”, the boys have taken inspiration from the natural beauty, vast forests and vertiginous mountains of their homeland to create a “creative oasis”.

Together they are ‘Wild Culture’ and have clocked up over 80 million streams across all the usual platforms (YouTube, Spotify and Soundcloud). As such, they know exactly what they need to put together their own “unique, high quality productions” and reckon now is the time to share their inspiration with the wider world.

Carefully specifying their audio gear to suit the 33sqm main studio space, their experience as artists has helped them curate the perfect area for visitors to feel “free and creative”. They explain: “Wilderness Studios is designed for productions, recording top liners, singers and bands as well as for mixing and mastering. Up to eight people can work in the main studio.”

They have paid careful attention to all elements, from temperature control and lighting to create the desired ambience, as well as getting the sound right. “With our big Neumann system comprising KH870 and KH420 controlled by the Audient monitor controller we have the perfect sound to write, produce, mix and master music.”

Describing Nero’s part in the overall set-up, Felix says, “The Nero is used as our main monitor controller and is a central part of our main studio. The super smooth control knob and the ability to use the built-in talkback system are extremely useful, but also the simple and hands-on layout of the Nero is very effective in our workflow.”

The main studio is part of a larger, 800sqm complex based in an old industrial warehouse building dating back to the 1900s. Bringing urban design to the Austrian mountains, Wilderness Studios is surrounded by untouched nature and even has its own fresh mountain spring water source. Designed to cater to all manner of creatives, the studio rooms are complemented by a 400 sqm loft space, chillout zone & DJ booth, an airy band and event area, bars and even a kitchen. Ideal for individual producers or larger groups such as songwriting camps, the interior room design can be customised and bring the most individual concepts to life.

“Probably the best introduction to find out what is possible in Wilderness Studios is to listen to our new single, ‘What U Do’,” says Flo. Produced, mixed and mastered using their Audient Nero, it is the first track from the EP of the same name. “It marks Felix’s debut as a singer on a Wild Culture track, which makes it one of our most personal songs.”

When asked what we can expect from Wild Culture next, Felix explains: “We dug up a lot of song ideas, sketches and emotions buried on our computers. We dusted off our old floppy disks and decided to share the stored emotions with the world. The first release will be a three-track EP, entitled Lost Files. This will be the first of multiple EPs to be released throughout 2020/21, and showcase Wild Culture’s new, extraordinary pop sound.”

photos: Lighthouse Europe / Wilderness Studios

Audient Nero Finds its Home in the Wilderness of the Austrian AlpsAudient Nero Finds its Home in the Wilderness of the Austrian Alps

4th August 2020

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