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Brompton Technology provides at-a-glance performance assessment for LED panels

Brompton Technology provides at-a-glance performance assessment for LED panels

Brompton Technology has announced the release of its DynaCal reporting app which generates detailed, multi-language, browser-based reports that offer an objective assessment of a panel’s performance based on accurate measurements using the Hydra Calibration system. This brand-new tool allows Brompton customers to see at-a-glance headline LED panel performance figures such as achievable luminance and colour gamut, presented in terms of percentage coverage of the Rec 2020 colour space. There are also options to view comprehensive information down to a per-pixel level for each individual panel using convenient, interactive, visual displays.

The DynaCal reporting app is available for any LED panel that has been calibrated using Brompton’s new Hydra Calibration system. Utilising the detailed information collected by Hydra, reports can be generated for individual LED panels, or for entire batches. These reports can easily be shared and viewed in any browser without any special software installed, and the report language can be switched between English and Chinese on the fly.

“The great thing about DynaCal Reports is that our customers are just one click away from data that can help inform decisions about how their panels should be used,” says Thomas Walker, Brompton’s product manager. “The reports offer a quick and easy way of comparing panels and checking they are capable of delivering what is needed at any given point or for a specific project.”

Luminance maps show how the LEDs are performing across the entire panel surface, with additional histograms to analyse the distribution of pixel luminances for each colour.

For those looking to dive deep into the colour capability of the panel, DynaCal reports include spectral plots showing the precise distribution of light across the visible spectrum, including peak wavelengths and spectral width for each colour. An interactive CIE xy chromaticity diagram shows the panel’s measured colour gamut versus standard colour spaces such as DCI-P3 or Rec 2020, with the ability to zoom in on a ‘point cloud’ for each primary colour to assess the colour consistency (or ‘binning’) of the LEDs.

Another important feature is a convenient thermal image of the panel, captured by the Hydra Calibration system at the time of measurement, along with the chosen target calibration temperature and measured ambient temperature. Together, these give a clear picture of the thermal environment at the time of measurement to ensure consistency throughout the batch. “In addition, our ThermaCal feature offers a separate profiling solution that compensates for the thermal patterning that can affect LED panel performance,” explains Walker. “More information on ThermaCal can be found on our website.”

“At Brompton, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to bring additional value to our customers, with the new DynaCal reporting app being no exception,” concludes managing director, Richard Mead. “When we announced the Hydra camera and Dynamic Calibration last year, we proved to our customers that when it comes to content playback, it is the quality of the image and not necessarily pixel pitch, that is the new driver for LED display technology. With this new app, we have once again created an industry defining tool to deliver beautiful, easy to read, easy to share, fully interactive LED panel calibration reports, which will reconfirm why our customers chose to invest, and continue investing, in Brompton Technology’s products.”

In order to use the DynaCal reporting app, new or existing LED panels must be fitted with Brompton’s Tessera R2 receiver card and measured using Brompton’s exclusive Hydra calibration system. More information on Hydra can be found on

27th August 2020

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