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FloppyFlex LED Neon Tops Up CLUB K

FloppyFlex LED Neon Tops Up CLUB K
FloppyFlex LED Neon Tops Up CLUB K

USA – When a client reaches out and tells you that they are tired of going to the club and they want the club to come to them, you obviously drop everything that can be dropped and create an in-home party room the likes of which have never been seen!

“The client had a secondary guest-house on his property, and he wanted to turn the single room into a miniature bar/nightclub so he reached out to us at Blue Haze Entertainment with this idea, and we immediately got started on putting together a design concept,” explained Nikolai Beyla, designer and manager of the installation for Blue Haze Entertainment.

The club has a video wall eight metres wide covering two of the walls, composed of Chauvet Video F3 panels, as well as mirrors everywhere and large glass patio doors that open to a view of the mountains. The video wall and the various lighting fixtures reflect off all the mirrored and glass surfaces, giving the feeling of being in a much larger space with even more lighting. Fifteen wood panels are attached to the ceiling, each containing a section of Firefly FloppyFlex LED Neon, a truly gorgeous product according to Nikolai. These panels create a massive, 91-metre long geometric pattern on the ceiling, scattered through which are dozens of recessed Gantom RGBW wash fixtures.

Firefly FloppyFlex LED Neon comprises a range of green-friendly, safe, low voltage, DIY, easy to install, lineal long-life lighting systems that can be simply bent and cut to whatever the design requires, for both indoors and out.

“We utilised just over 91 metres (300ft) of the RGBW FloppyFlex on the ceiling, arranged into a large geometric pattern, driven by 12 ProPlex Din Rail FloppyDrives.” said Nikolai. “Each section of the FloppyFlex is mounted onto stained plywood panels that were attached to the ceiling on site at various heights, giving the entire geometric pattern a three-dimensional feeling. I have to say I love the Firefly FloppyFlex, it’s an AMAZING looking product and the connections we selected, with the help of our friends at Firefly’s distributor TMB, allowed the final installation of the product to look very clean, as if pre-manufactured, but of course, the product was cut to length and then wired together on site.”

The entire system is controlled by an Avolites Titan Net Processor and AI video server. The AI specifically controls both the FloppyFlex and the video wall by sending matching or correlating video content pixel-mapped to the fixtures. The control network is also integrated with a custom IPad-based API programmed by BHE, allowing the client to control all aspects of the club’s lighting from a simple touch-screen interface without having to learn console syntax or complicated lighting or video controls.

In addition to the video wall and FloppyFlex, the club also features almost a 100 recessed Gantom floodlights that are all individually pixel-mapped, providing colour throughout the space. BHE also added a few moving lights: Martin RUSH MH10 Beam FX and Martin RUSH Scanner 1 LED, both chosen for their low profiles in consideration of the low-ceiling height in the space.

FloppyFlex highest-quality, professional grade, flexible LED neon is the perfect and professional replacement for glass neon: super-bright, easy to use, long lasting, durable, and at 24VDC, safe. Perfect for use indoors and outdoors, FloppyFlex is available in three sizes, in single-colour, RGB, digital RGB and RGBW with DMX multi-pixel control. FloppyFlex white colour temperatures range from 2100 to 5700K and standard colours include red, green, blue, yellow, orange, amber, pink and purple. Side-to-side and front-to-back bend options are available, and accessories include a wide range of mounting profiles. New silicone versions provide even greater flexibility and long-term reliability.

FloppyFlex LED Neon Tops Up CLUB K FloppyFlex LED Neon Tops Up CLUB K

25th August 2020

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