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Successful Virtual Production Showcase Uses ROE Visual LED Screens

Successful Virtual Production Showcase Uses ROE Visual LED Screens
Successful Virtual Production Showcase Uses ROE Visual LED Screens

Germany – With the demand for virtual production space steeply rising, ETC and MMC Studios organised an informative event to update their clients on the latest available technology and hardware, involved in creating successful virtual film productions or events.

The co-operation partners MMC Studios, LAVAlabs Moving Images and Entertainment Technology Concepts GmbH presented their Virtual production showcase on 30 and 31 July, on MMC’s soundstage 32 in Cologne. The Virtual Production Set offers a dynamic backdrop for a variety of productions, e.g. series, films, entertainment shows, corporate events, virtual events.

As a full-service event provider Entertainment Technology Concepts (ETC-Europe) offers tailored turn-key solutions for trade fairs, film and TV productions, concerts and stage events. With the event sector currently facing a full stop, ETC Europe noticed a rising demand for alternative solutions, like virtual production of events or using virtual backgrounds for film and broadcast productions. With over 20 years of experience in film and broadcast productions ETC Europe has all the required knowledge and technology in-house to play into this demand.

MMC Studios operates the Coloneum in Cologne, Germany, one of Europe’s largest and most advanced TV and film studio facilities. With its excellent studio infrastructure and equipped with state-of-the-art production and post-production technologies, MMC Studios Köln GmbH is the leading full-service provider for entertainment shows, TV series and film production in Germany.

The digital content was provided by LAVAlabs, a multi-discipline animation and creative studio based in Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Frankfurt. Their crew of creative and creating professionals, VFX artists and producers believe in crafting work to the highest possible standard. With over eight years of experience creating high-class visual effects, including CGI, colour grading and premium finishing for films, experiential and innovative technologies they were the perfect partner for this project.

“A range of creative and technological aspects come together to stage this type of productions, it’s not something you just take from the shelf. At ETC-Europe we have specialised in-house knowledge to bring all the key technological components together,” comments Alexander Klaus, managing director at ETC-Europe. “With our partners in this project, we wanted both to inform clients on the possibilities that virtual production can create, but also to raise awareness on the technological complexity, when all the aspects, such as content, tracking, LED, lighting, camera and streaming come together.”

“MMC Studios are the hot spot for every kind of moving-image production in Germany, so the best way seemed to organise a real-life demo in our Cologne based studios, with a complete set up of all the components involved and an actress performing in the set,” comments Jens Wolf, managing director at MMC Studios. “Partnering with ETC Europe for this event was a logical step for us. Where we could provide the location, studio infrastructure and production tools, ETC Europe brought in all the technical equipment and experienced technicians.”

“For this set-up we used what we would normally use, or advice to use, for our clients. It’s equipment and software we are familiar with and which we trust to perform”, continues Klaus. “We have a long-standing relation with ROE Visual, and we know their products have a very stable and outstanding performance. That’s just what you need in the intricate environment of a virtual production space.”

“ROE Visual have also been very supportive if it comes to adjust to the right settings between the LED screen, the processor and the camera settings. It’s very important to get that just right and the support and knowledge of your LED supplier is paramount.”

Using a virtual background cannot only reduce the costs of on-location shoots and post-production time, it also can boost the performance of the actors involved. As actress Neshe Demir explains: “You’re directly in the right environment depicted in the scene, so you don’t have to visualize it. I could feel that my body reflections reacted to the environment shown, making the acting much more natural and easier.”

For the set in the MMC Studios a backwall, measuring 96 sqm, consisting of 416 ROE Visual Diamond DM2.6 LED panels was used for the on-camera shoots, requiring a finer pixel pitch. In order to bring the larger items into a virtual world, a larger screen, measuring almost 22 by ten

metre and consisting of 288 ROE Visual Carbon CB5 panels was used.

Additional dynamic lighting and reflections were created using a flown LED ceiling of 45 Carbon Series CB5 panels, enhancing the level of accuracy and realism.

photos: Hans-Jörg Seibold ROE Visual

Successful Virtual Production Showcase Uses ROE Visual LED ScreensSuccessful Virtual Production Showcase Uses ROE Visual LED Screens

20th August 2020

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