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Two new models complete Verlinde's range of Stagemaker hoists

Two new models complete Verlinde\'s range of Stagemaker hoists

After two years of technological design and an alignment of production with market requirements, Verlinde announces the widening of its new range of Stagemaker electric chain hoists dedicated to the entertainment industry. The new Stagemaker SL5 and SL10 models with their load capacity of 500kg to 1000kg (1 fall) and 2000kg (2 falls) integrate Verlinde's latest technological developments: innovative design, toughness and enhanced power ensuring faultless reliability while complying with international standards.

From the first model with its reverse-purchase block system launched in 1975 Verlinde's Stagemaker range has enjoyed an excellent reputation worldwide in the entertainment industry and show business. Boasting an entirely ergonomic design, Stagemaker hoists are the only models available on the market fitted as standard with double brakes, retractable handgrips and protective rubber pads. The new SL5 and SL10 models will furthermore ensure IP66 protection, a rating currently being certified for the motor as a whole. The hoist shell is protected by a 70μm black epoxy powder coating enabling resistance to extreme environments (-10C° to +40 C°). Two versions of the SL 5 and SL 10 models are available: (A) with forward voltage and (B) with low voltage. These 2 new lifting units are upgrades on the previous SR5 and SR10 versions and so complete the current range of models alongside the SR1 and SR25.

Enhanced safety The new SL models are D8+ compliant as standard with SPQ2 (code of practice): the positioning of the clutch in the gear box ensures load holding by the brake whatever the operating conditions of the hoist. The CHAINFlux chain guide enables greater flexible horizontal flow of the chain on output from the lifting load wheel. The equipment used provides furthermore a remarkable friction coefficient facilitating passage of the chain on ejection. The LimitFlux electromagnetic limit switches are provided as standard on all B-type hoists in the Sl range. This system enables the high and low positions of the hook or hoist to be controlled with half-link chain precision. Travel limit switches are adjusted by moving two rings along the hoisting chain.

Ease of use and ergonomics Like the whole Stagemaker range, models SL5 and SL10 are fitted with PerfectPush, a five-pocket hoist load wheel concept designed to enhance chain guidance and prevent the polygon effect. Operation in standard self-climbing configuration or in industrial suspension hoist configuration is achieved without any modification by simply turning the chain bucket. The lifting motor provides a wide range of constant running speeds with or without load: SL5 and SL10 are available as standard with the conventional 4m/min but can also be

supplied at speeds of 8m and 16m/min.

The design with its unobtrusive lines provides Stagemaker SL excellent integration in its operating environment (lighting, sound system, etc.). Another appreciated aspect of this discretion is its operational silence (60dBA). The lifting hook and transportation handles integrate an ergonomic rubberised gripping system. The two retractable handles were integrated in the hoist shell when it was designed with the aim of facilitating its transportation. The high capacity, heavy duty, black canvas (1100 denier) chain bucket is removable and reversible.

Economical hoists The ease of access to the torque limiter, electrical components (plug & play) and to the fuse together with rapid removal of the motor facilitate maintenance operations. What is more, brake linings can be inspected visually.

Verlinde constantly upgrades its hoists in alignment with current technologies and worldwide regulations. SL models comply with the following standards: CE, DIN, CSA and EAC.

3rd August 2020

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