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With a week to go, apply for The ALD's Lumière 20:20 Scheme

With a week to go, apply for The ALD\'s Lumière 20:20 Scheme

UK – The ALD’s successful Lumiere Scheme, which has for the last five years created pathways for lighting practitioners to work as an assistant to established designers on a diverse range of new productions, has been reformatted in response to the current pandemic situation.

This year, a modified scheme entitled ALD Lumière 20:20, will pair 20 emerging lighting practitioners with 20 lighting designers, representing a wide spectrum of work, for a series one-hour online conversations across the ten weeks from mid-September.

ALD Lumiere 20:20 is an exciting opportunity to gain direct access to a designer and to inspire creative conversations about the art, the craft, the life of live entertainment lighting.

Lumiere 20:20 will involve weekly mentor sessions between Lumière and lighting designer, each having different topics to consider as a starting point. Although this is a ‘virtual’ project, it is hoped that there will be some real professional relationships established through the scheme that may come to fruition when we all get back to work.

Chair of The ALD’s Lumière working group Charlotte Burton (pictured) says: “Back in 2015 the Lumière Scheme changed my life and career pathway. With Lumiere 20:20 being a virtual scheme it allows us to open it up to more participants, and so we are actively encouraging applications from those currently under-represented in UK theatre or wish to return to the industry.”

One of the core values of the scheme is that The ALD do not just invest time in someone, but also invest money. Therefore, everyone involved, both lighting designers and participants, will receive a micro-bursary to acknowledge the belief bestowed in person and practice at this time.

This funding has been possible by the generous legacy of ALD Fellow, Mick Hughes (1939-2018).

Mick’s pared-back and beautiful work had “a subtle, almost stealthy artistry that drew attention to the play and players, not to itself.” (The Guardian). His designs have had a huge influence on the UK’s stages that still resonates today. He also loved nothing better than to sit at the production desk or in the pub and talk about light and life in theatre. He was always generous in sharing his knowledge.

Burton adds: “The exciting element of Lumiere 20:20 is the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations about the working practice of being a lighting designer as well as the realities of developing a career. It is wonderful for us to be able to do this in Mick’s memory and we believe that he would be delighted that he is supporting his fellow designers at this time.”

Applications for the scheme are open now with the closing date of Thursday 20th August 2020. Full details of the scheme, eligibility and how to apply can be found on The ALD website at

17th August 2020

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