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Sky Studios Reception

Sky Studios Reception

UK – After almost a decade of operation it was decided that the Sky Studios reception area needed to more contemporary, brighter and have a more inviting feel.

The Sky creative team approached David Atkinson Lighting Design (DALD) who had been involved with the various specialist lighting projects for Sky.

General lighting of the space was quite a challenge as the existing metal tile ceiling is finished in dark grey with a charcoal floor, which limited the amount of ambient reflection. It was decided to introduce a fragmented linear lighting approach which would create a bold feature in the overall design of the space. Linear extrusion strips in varying lengths with opal diffusers were suspended below the ceiling and fitted with cool white 4000-Kelvin LED with Dali gear.

The grey granite reception wall was fitted with a full length floor to ceiling graphic light box which adds a real sense of depth as well as increasing the overall ambient lighting level of the space.

The existing reception desk was fitted with a stretched printed fabric and backlit by 4000K LED strips.

To add further depth and perspective the main staircase link to the upper floors incorporates Pixel LED strips mounted to the edge of the riser, which runs a series of programmable sequences subject to any live events being held in the studios or simply the Sky spectrum.

Based on the studios being used for news and sport the design team incorporated large showcases which featured items from sporting events. For continuity the showcases were internally illuminated with 4000K LED strips.

Under the main staircase a Formula 1 car is displayed, which is top lit by a large programmable light box and a series of track mounted studio lighting fixtures fitted with 3000K (warm) LED.

The rear space is again lit by a combination of suspended linear extrusion strips and a large wall mounted graphic light box.

Control of the lighting was from a Pharos controller which runs all the DMX fixtures that include the Pixel Stair treads and F1 ceiling light box. The suspended DALI linear strips, graphic light boxes and showcases and auxiliary items were controlled from the base build Schneider BMS control system.

The lighting design helps to reflect the nature of the building being a television broadcast centre as well as helping to open up the space and give an inviting dynamic quality.

25th September 2020

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