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Creative Goes Big with Close to 100 Chauvet Professional fixtures for Jurasic Fight Night

Creative Goes Big with Close to 100 Chauvet Professional fixtures for Jurasic Fight Night
Creative Goes Big with Close to 100 Chauvet Professional fixtures for Jurasic Fight Night

USA – Boxing matches are inherently unpredictable. Some end with a sudden thud mere seconds after they start. Others are boring uninspired 12-round dances. Then there are those that serve up more than their share of dramatic moments. But one thing is certain at every boxing event: a crackling sense of excitement and anticipation fills the air when pugilists enter the arena and walk with handlers to the ring.

Pangea Land of Dinosaurs’ Jurassic Fight Night was no different, even if the combatants approaching the 40-foot by 40-foot boxing ring (the world’s largest) were not typical athletes. Bearing names like “Blue Lighting The Velociraptor” and “Steve The Spine Crusher Spinosaurus”, these boxers were dinosaurs, or more accurately frighteningly realistic replicas of the “terrible lizards.”

Pumping up the crowd as the dinosaur fighters entered the Gilia River Arena during the two-day event was a collection of Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied and installed by Creative BackStage.

“We relied on our moving lights with their rapid pan and tilt motions and bold colours to engage the crowd throughout the three shows that made up the event,” said Creative Back Stage’s John Garberson, who served as the LD of Jurassic Fight Night. “The lights gave the crowd energy without distracting from the show. This was especially true when the dinosaurs made their way to the ring. It was important to start things off on a high note.”

Key to setting this tone were the 16 Rogue R3 Beam fixtures in Garberson’s rig. Working with his programmer Steve Smith, L2 Michael White, and rigger Maxie Kichler, he divided the 300W beams evenly between two large truss structures. The intense output from these fixtures (208,000 lux at 15 metres) filled the arena with light as each match approached, underscoring the air of anticipation.

Garberson also relied on the Rogue R3 Wash’s colour wheel, versatile gobo wheel and 24-facet prism to create dynamic effects, while avoiding repetitive looks. “This is a form of entertainment, so you want to keep things fresh throughout,” he said.

Joining the Rogue R3 Wash in creating the sought after atmosphere at the event were 12 Maverick MK2 Spot, 32 Rogue R2 Wash and 12 Strike 4 fixtures. The Mavericks were used for spot lighting as well as for aerial effects. “Between the MK2 Spots and R32 Washes, we were able to fill the arena with a nice variety of aerials,” said Garberson.

The Strike 4 fixtures were used for audience washing as well as for adrenalin pumping blinder effects at key moments, while the Rogue R2 Wash fixtures produced evocative colours on the ring at its surroundings. The realistic colours created with the Rogue units were critical at this event, since each of the dinosaur suits had cameras built in.

At one time, some 15 different species of dinosaur, including the famed Tyrannosaurus rex roamed in what is now Arizona. Although they’ve been gone for 65 million years, they still have the capacity to fire up the human imagination in myriad ways. One look no further than Jurassic Fight Night for proof.

2nd December 2021

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