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KLOTZ PowerLink Truss & Stagebox: compact and robust power distribution box for live use

KLOTZ PowerLink Truss & Stagebox: compact and robust power distribution box for live use

The PowerLink Truss & Stagebox by KLOTZ AIS is an extremely robust, ergonomic and easy-to-use new power distribution system. Its various application possibilities are a big advantage. This brand new product is at home not only in event technology, but also in theatres or TV studios.

The PowerLink Truss & Stagebox is equipped with one input and four outputs of the NEUTRIK powerCON True1 plug. It offers a power carrying capacity of up to 16A /250V.

Due to the compact size and the ergonomic arrangement of the connections, easy handling is ensured in tough everyday stage use, even with work gloves.

The plastic housing is designed with rounded absorber edges and a robust surface to absorb shocks. This ensures that any external shocks are optimally diverted.

Inside the box, stiffening cross ribs, in conjunction with six housing screws, give the PowerLink Truss & Stagebox a very high level of resistance and provide compliance with current safety standards. A fall from truss height is easily absorbed, which underlines the robustness and durability. In addition, the housing is ultra-light.

The PowerLink Truss & Stagebox can be easily and quickly attached to a truss via two PowerLink Clamps; additional securing with two O-rings is also possible. Alternatively, the box can be equipped with an optional metal bracket underneath. This has 2 pre-drilled holes as well as an M10 screw connection to ensure secure fastening.

As a useful accessory, KLOTZ AIS will add coloured rubber sleeves to the PowerLink's portfolio. Fitted with these, the power distributor is optimally marked so that circuits can be quickly distinguished from one another even at a greater distance.

KLOTZ AIS has protected the design and registered it with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) at the beginning of October 2021.

The PowerLink Truss & Stagebox System will be available from the second quarter of 2022.

3rd December 2021

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