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And the Academy Award goes to … UK audio tech company Synchro Arts

USA – UK film and music audio technology company Synchro Arts received a coveted Academy Award in Los Angeles on 13 February 2021.

Synchro Arts is the only UK company to receive a Scientific and Engineering Award at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science Oscars.

This honour was made to the creators of its unique audio alignment technology that seamlessly and perfectly lip-syncs replaced dialogue tracks.

Synchro Arts technology, VocAlign and Revoice Pro software has been the mainstay of film and TV audio studios for more than 25 years, first used on Hollywood blockbusters in the mid-1990s. VocAlign Ultra is the latest version of the platform technology, released in January 2021.

The company was just one of five technology companies in the world to receive a Scientific and Engineering Award by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Synchro Arts was created by physicist and musician Jeff Bloom, who said: “It is an incredible and uplifting honour to receive a Scientific and Engineering Academy Award for the audio alignment technology in our Revoice Pro and the VocAlign product range.

“While it has been a challenging and fascinating 40-year journey for me, it has taken the genius of John Ellwood, our technical director, and Jonathan Newland, our head DSP software engineer, to continuously refine and extend this technology into increasingly more powerful and easier to use Synchro Arts products over the last 25 years.

“With the increasing high-quality video and sound technology in people’s hands and homes, there is a need for precise lip-syncing and clearer dialogue in video and film production, which is what this technology offers. What’s more we’ve been fortunate that we’ve been able to introduce this technology into helping music editors and producers get increasingly tighter and clearer doubled vocal tracks with minimal effort.”

Andy Koyama, a recording mixer on Hollywood blockbuster John Wick 3 – Parabellum said: “I used Synchro Arts platforms to revoice characters that had not been heard since very early in the picture edit. We dug up the original production and tweaked the sync with Revoice Pro. It does this job better than any software on the market. It works a charm.”

Doug Roble, chair of the Scientific and Technical Awards Committee said: “In a year of upheaval, some things remain constant: around the world, extremely clever people are striving to push the technology of film to new heights, and the Academy is privileged to be able to recognise and celebrate their accomplishments. We congratulate all the inventors for their contributions to our art form.”

15th February 2021

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