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Cinema Teatro Lolek’s Outline sound – inside and out

Cinema Teatro Lolek’s Outline sound – inside and out
Cinema Teatro Lolek’s Outline sound – inside and out

Italy – The Cinema Teatro Lolek stands in Italy’s first oratory with NZEB (nearly zero-energy building) classification and extremely modern as far as its structure, technology and systems are concerned.

The complex, located in Rezzato, on the outskirts of Brescia, occupies an area of 2,700 m2 above ground and includes a series of buildings at the service of the local community and neighbouring areas.

At the centre of the structure, there is a multi-function hall, the project’s key element: a large oval-shaped space conceived for use as a theatre and cinema, but also to host exhibitions, events, conferences and much more.

A unique feature of this hall is the fact that, thanks to a special shutter system, it opens outwards, enabling to hold events with the stage used in the opposite direction, looking out over the rear outdoor audience area.

In a context in which such great care has been taken with every aspect, top-grade audio was a must for the client. Headquartered in Rezzato, Cipiesse, a full-service company since 1979, specialising in concert production and system integration, therefore installed Outline systems.

For the oval theatre’s sound system, three Vegas 15 CX enclosures were installed above the proscenium and two Eidos 118 S subwoofers below the stage, powered by three Outline M2008-4 amplifiers.

Behind the screen, there are three Outline Movie MV2CX enclosures, specifically designed for cinema applications. The installation is completed by eight surround Movie FX 101 speakers distributed along the room’s walls, and this set-up is powered by the same M2008-4 amplifiers used for the theatre’s system.

To amplify events and live concerts, mainly held outdoors, the venue is equipped with an Outline line array consisting of 12 Eidos 265 modules and four FlySub 15 (companion subwoofers), powered by three Outline T-Five power amplifiers with on-board DSP and Ethernet port.

Marco Riva, manager and partner with Cipiesse, explains: “Cinema Teatro Lolek wanted to install audio systems with top-grade performance in order to avoid having to rely on external rental firms.”

“Outline systems were therefore chosen, as they ensure certainty as far as performance is concerned, last for decades without any ‘deterioration’, in spite of the intensive use they undergo, and we can bear witness to this personally here at Cipiesse. Judging by the comments of the management and technical staff responsible for the audio systems, we are particularly satisfied with the work done,” concludes Riva.

The speaker system’s configuration was prepared by Giancarlo Paladini of GP Tecnologie with OpenArray3D, Outline’s famous acoustic simulation and modelling software – used by PA engineers worldwide – which, with a few clicks, enables to accurately simulate the rig’s response before installing it in the venue.

Teatro Lolek’s technical manager Davide Bolchi states: “The quality of the sound in the hall is exemplary from the front seats to the very last row, coherent for the entire audience and, as well as ensuring a perfectly linear response, the system has an important reserve of headroom: energy one wouldn’t expect considering the dimensions of the enclosures, particularly the subs with their single 18”. The rig for live events [Eidos 265] is set up rapidly and easily, an indispensable requisite considering the mobile use we make of it. We generally stack the array on the ground, on its frame, but have also flown it on several occasions, always with great satisfaction in terms of SPL and balanced tone. As the venue’s audio manager and a habitual user of these products, I believe Outline is always a guarantee.”

24th February 2021

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