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Highlite International expands the DMT Fixed Install series

Highlite International expands the DMT Fixed Install series

Highlite International BV introduces a new range of LED panels, available as indoor or outdoor versions. Its clever mounting options and service-friendly design make it the ideal candidate for permanent installation.

DMT has added eight new LED panels to their product range intended for permanent installation. Consisting of the FI-3.9 and FI-4.8 line, the new range offers 500 x 750mm (20 x 30”) and 500 x 1000mm (20 x 40”) models, both available as an indoor or outdoor version. Featuring Full Black LEDs, a viewing angle of 140° and Novastar processing, their visual potential is significant.

The FI-4.8 models offer a pixel pitch of 4.8mm (0.189”), while the FI-3.9 models offer an even denser pixel pitch of 3.9mm (0.154”). This makes both screens very usable for close distance viewing (3m/10ft). The 5500 Nits provide enough brightness for any outdoor environment. Screen thickness is a mere 71mm (2.80”), making the new panels a great solution for a permanent install, even in narrow spaces.

The panels are designed to be easily serviceable. The individual LED modules are hot-swappable, the outdoor panels from the back, the indoor panels from the back as well as from the front, using the dedicated service tool. The power supply is also easily swapped with the tool. The specially designed mounting bracket can be used on all models and allows for easy mounting on any wall or support structure. The bracket also ensures correct alignment and fixation when using multiple panels. It adds just 9mm (0.354”) to the total thickness.

12th February 2021

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