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Modern Illumination Productions invests in Elation IP-rated lighting

Modern Illumination Productions invests in Elation IP-rated lighting

USA – Full-service production company Modern Illumination Productions (MIP) of California recently made an investment in IP-rated LED lighting fixtures from Elation Professional, an acquisition that includes Elation’s 50,000-lumen power moving head, the Proteus Maximus, as well as KL Panel soft lights and Seven PAR IP colour changers. The purchase joins other state-of-the-art Elation fixtures in MIP’s inventory.

A touring drummer his whole life, MIP owner Drew Hester founded the company in 2012 from the unique perspective of an experienced on-stage performer. He enjoyed a successful career drumming and playing percussion for the likes of Joe Walsh, Foo Fighters, Beck, Chicago, Jewel and others, and still drums for Stevie Nicks. His entertainment background, along with MIP’s position as a somewhat new player on the entertainment technology market, are novelties that he sees as strengths. “Because we’re relatively new, our gear is new and in excellent shape. Our lighting is virtually all LED and cutting edge,” he states, adding that his position as a non-traditional salesperson also strikes a chord with clients.

His main focus today however is on serving the rental and installation sectors with entertainment lighting, audio and video, something he does from a modern, 20,000-sq. ft. facility in Santa Clarita, California. Corporate events, live events and touring make up the bulk of MIP projects but installations like a recent Elation install at the Pala Casino in San Diego, as well as lighting for houses and worship, also play an important role.

Hester says the recent Elation gear purchase came about as a result of a recent experience at one of MIP’s annual projects, the Paramount Studios Christmas Tree Lighting event. After a particularly rain-soaked load-out, Hester knew he wanted to take a closer look at weatherproof fixtures. “It was the moment where I knew I needed to have IP-rated fixtures,” he said, reflecting back on the disassembly, drying and repair needed to get his lighting gear back up and working. “I was familiar with the Artiste Monet and liked its power but I wanted a fixture that was IP-rated. The Proteus Maximus was it. It has the same 950W white LED engine as the Monet and is super bright.”

The 50,000-lumen Maximus houses a CMY colour mixing system and comprehensive FX package, including framing, and can be used as a profile, beam or wash light. Following delivery, the fixtures did not stay in the MIP shop for long and were quickly sent out on an outdoor rental project in the San Francisco Bay area. Hester says he has future projects lined up for them as well. “As our new power workhorse fixture, it has really put us in the game.”

MIP’s new LED softlight KL Panels with colour temperature-adjustment are being used on a pair of green screen stages set up at the MIP facility for broadcast and live streaming, while the all-purpose Seven PAR IP are useful anywhere to paint stages, sets, scrims and scenery in high-impact colour or high-quality white light. Hester, who started acquiring Elation lights back in 2012, says he chooses Elation products for several reasons. “I've always thought the gear was reliable but over the last five years or so Elation has really made a push to be a high-quality player and designers are asking for their fixtures.” Local support, he says, is also huge as the Elation facility is only a short drive away.

12th February 2021

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