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Zero 88 Presents New Free Online Training Sessions

Zero 88 Presents New Free Online Training Sessions

Back by popular demand, Zero 88 – renowned for its accessible and informative free training support – announces a new array of online product training sessions running through February and March 2021 presented in-person by product specialist Edward Smith.

Running via Zoom, participants can also request a link to the recording for handy re-watching, and use these assets as a tool for refreshing and reinvigorating their lighting console programming skills.

Most of the training is focused on Zero 88’s popular and powerful FLX range of lighting control consoles. These first sessions of the year will cover the FLX, FLX S24 and FLX S48, plus the ZerOS Server, and will also be applicable to other Zero 88 consoles running the ZerOS operating system.

This follows on from a huge number of regular training seminars initiated by Zero 88 throughout 2020, taking advantage of the unexpected free time that so many lighting professionals found themselves facing as lockdowns and Covid restrictions kicked in.

So successful was the programme that Zero 88 also started live streaming several sessions that can be re-watched at any time on its YouTube channel.

“We wanted to continue the trend and keep assisting with learning and refreshing in the areas people are demanding,” stated Edward, adding that the “astounding” training feedback they received from last year saw attendees giving average NPS (Net Promoter Score) scores of 80 (where anything above 0 is considered a success).

The sessions are carefully crafted for anyone who wants to know more about Zero 88’s powerful and easy to use FLX range and are aimed at three key groups: those interested in the brand and the architecture, those looking for a console that’s right for them and their application and experienced power-users wanting to maximise and get the most out of their tools.

“We love getting consoles in front of people, to show their full capabilities,” stated Edward. Rather than repeating the same sessions ad infinitum, the training programme is a dynamic and fluid project that is constantly kept fresh with new sessions exploring different and specific areas of the console.

Currently, the only difference is that it is a virtual console with the Phantom ZerOS offline editor being used to demonstrate.

Up to ten different topics will be covered in the coming weeks, ranging from general subjects like “Discovering the FLX Range: Getting to grips with the consoles and the powerful ZerOS software” which will be two hours in length, to specifics like “ZerOS & Capture: Understand how to connect these features and learn 2-way communication” which will require an hour of people’s time.

For full details and easy booking, interested parties should check the Zero 88 Training page:

All sessions are either one or two hours in length, with the two-hour sessions including that all-important halfway tea or coffee break, although right now it is a case of attendees bringing their own tea, coffee and biscuits! “This will change as soon as we are able to offer in-person training once again,” emphasised Edward, who, like everyone, is looking forward to this happening as soon as is safe and practical.

In the meantime, he is looking forward to connecting with the Zero 88 community and enhancing these great value learning opportunities.

12th February 2021

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