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Florida Georgia Line Lights Up Virtual Performances with Bandit Lites at the Steel Mill

USA – Florida Georgia Line’s highly-anticipated fifth studio album, Life Rolls On, launched on 12 February to worldwide acclaim. As part of the album release, the superstar duo, comprised of Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, filmed multiple promotional performances at The Steel Mill, a turnkey studio and production space that features a Bandit Lites rig fitted out with more than 100 moving light fixtures, a video package from MooTV, staging from Gallagher Staging and a sound system from Clair Global.

Following discussions with management, lighting designer Scott Cunningham worked with production manager Todd Ortmeier to craft four distinct looks out of two different rigs.

“The existing house rig provided a lot of fixtures, mostly wash,” said Cunningham, referring to Chauvet R2X LED lights. “This allowed for an even wash, which is of course pivotal for TV lighting. The overall design layout allowed for many different looks, whether based on fixture positions or truss moves.”

The full production studio includes a 60ft x 40ft stage area with a system comprised of Bandit’s GoGo truss, under hung with GLP X4S, flanking an LED video wall. GLP X4 fixtures along the front truss offer key light while Claypaky Sharpys spread throughout the rig act as beam units.

The versatility of the rig meant the band could stage multiple concerts, giving each press partner a distinct performance.

In addition to the Bandit Lites rig, Cunningham utilised 60 additional fixtures including Mega Lite Circa Scoops, Ayrton Khamsin S, Ayrton Ghibli, Elation SixPar 100, Elation Color Chorus 72 and GLP JDC1 LED Strobes.

“I love the JDC, as it packs a huge punch so that was a no-brainer for the songs selected,” said Cunningham. “It was my first time using the Khamsins, but knowing the Ayrton line, I was certain it would fulfil our needs. Also, with the existing rig already having them, it was easy to plug them into the show and match perfectly for colour and gobos.”

“I spec’d the Mega Lite Circa Scoop fixtures for the acoustic set,” explained Cunningham. “They offered that traditional visual with multiple features that allowed for different looks throughout the entire acoustic set-up.”

Music is resonating more than ever these days, and with millions of fans eagerly anticipating FGL’s new music, the team at Bandit was thrilled to have the opportunity to help illuminate artists once again.

“Bandit’s service was top notch,” finished Cunningham. “Their techs went above and beyond with the prep/setup of our supplemental package and ensuring the house rig was at one hundred per cent before we walked in the door. Any issues while on site were taken care of and fixed promptly without hesitation.”

“Bandit’s service and support has always been top of the line,” added Ortmeier. “I have never had any issues in any touring situation I’ve used them on.”

31st March 2021

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