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Highlite International introduces Artecta Display fixtures

Highlite International introduces Artecta Display fixtures

Highlite International BV introduces the new Display Series of indoor fixtures for professional architectural applications. Switchable between 3000K and 6000K, the dimmable LED sources offer a high CRI. This makes them highly suitable for lighting galleries, art, and other colour sensitive subjects and locations.

Artecta’s latest range of indoor lighting fixtures introduces the Artecta Display Series. It is intended for highlighting objects and locations where high appeal is paramount, such as museums and galleries, lighting art and paintings. The compact fixtures offer a high CRI (>92), which helps the original colour tones to come through. They are switchable between 3000K and 6000K colour temperatures and can be dimmed manually to adjust the output intensity to the desired ambiance.

The Display Series offers solutions for a gamut of applications with a range of Fresnel, profile and flood fixtures. Fresnel fixtures project a soft-edged output suitable for lighting objects at close range. Profile fixtures project an adjustable hard-edged output for projecting a delimited shape on a surface. Equipped with a wide beam angle, a flood fixture is intended to illuminate a full wall or decor. Apart from the Flood model, all models are available with a standard mounting bracket or with a 3-phase track adapter that can be mounted on most 3-phase track systems.

The implementation of Display fixtures is not limited to art-related areas, it is also very much at home in public places, such as clothing stores and theme parks. Each projector offers multiple control options, and a number of models include accessories to enhance their functionality. Several models come in different output power variations and every fixture is available in black or white.

19th March 2021

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