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New video reference library of all Martin MAC Aura PXL's internal FX macros

New video reference library of all Martin MAC Aura PXL\'s internal FX macros


The Martin MAC Aura PXL has a rich feature set of internal FX macros allowing maximum versatility even when time is of the essence. Created as a resource for lighting designers, Martin's UK distributor, Sound Technology Ltd, has published a complete video reference library of all of them.

There are six categories of Macros in the PXL: Beam Intensity FX, Beam Colour FX, Aura Intensity FX, Aura Colour FX, Beam and Aura Combined FX, and Full Fixture FX. Each category has its own video, time-stamped in the YouTube description with each individual effect.

Utilising the MAC Aura PXL's 141 Aura LEDs and 19 Main Beam LEDs, each effect can also have speed, colour, zoom range and output level manipulated simultaneously, and both the Aura and the Main Beam effects can be active at the same time.

11th March 2021

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