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Seventy-Four Infinity TS-260C7 luminaires in sustainable AFAS Theater

Seventy-Four Infinity TS-260C7 luminaires in sustainable AFAS Theater
Seventy-Four Infinity TS-260C7 luminaires in sustainable AFAS Theater

The Netherlands – The highly sustainable AFAS Theater, which is incorporated in the new HQ of software developer AFAS, named the AFAS Experience Center in Leusden, has recently been equipped by Rolight with 74 Infinity TS-260C7 Profile engines from Infinity’s Signature series.

The AFAS Experience Center has been designed from the ground up to create an 'experience' for clients, employees and visitors, a complex that inspires to keep producing great software, AFAS’ main business. Future-proof and based on the changing way of working, learning and recreation, it integrates all in one grand complex. Featuring office space, meeting rooms, relax areas, demonstration rooms, fitness area, gym, educational spaces, studios, patio and atrium suitable for events, exhibitions and social gathering, restaurant, auditorium, theatre, two-deck parking garage, park with terraces, outside activity spaces and ample water features and fountains, the complex takes ecological and environmental aspects into account as much as possible. Almost energy neutral, fitted with solar panels, sedum roofs, heat pumps, heat exchangers, triple glazing, Smart Building principles with a multitude of sensors and 50 charging stations for electric vehicles, the project has had some thinking behind it.

When it was time to furnish the theatre area, specialists from Rolight found a fitting candidate in the Infinity TS-260C7 Profile engine to light up the main stage. Its very efficient, high output LED light holds up to the principle of environmental awareness that has been used throughout the Center’s design, making it a solid choice for the application, while ticking all the boxes. Seventy-four fixtures with a staggering total output of over 330,000 lumens were used to provide ample lighting to the main stage. The TS-260C7 is able to produce light in seven colours with a CRI of over 96, ensuring a very natural illumination of the stage. The fixtures are combined with 58 Irises, 54 TLT-235 and four TLT-1230 zoom lenses to create the required effect. Up to 850 attendants of the AFAS Theater should be able to enjoy a well-lit performance with Infinity’s professional theatre luminaires.

Infinity has sought cooperation for developing a new line of professional theatre lighting equipment and found a solid companion in the French company Robert Juliat. The resulting Signature Series stands for professional lighting solutions in high-demanding situations. The experts at Rolight have chosen a solid fixture for the AFAS Theater. Its efficient and durable design underline the sustainability principle of the modern AFAS Experience Center and should ensure a lifetime of gratifying performance to technical staff, performers, and audience.

26th March 2021

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