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Affinage Rock Izvestiнa Hall with dLlive

Affinage Rock Izvestiнa Hall with dLlive

Russia – With social-distancing measures beginning to relax and venues beginning to open their doors again, Russian acoustic-rock band Affinage have embarked on a tour of their homeland to support the release of their latest studio album.

For much of the tour the band relied on their compact dLive CDM32 MixRack with a laptop running dLive Director software, but when the tour rolled into the prestigious Izvestiнa Hall in Moscow in late February, local hire company Jamtech were called upon to supply the sound and lighting equipment for the flagship show.

“The band have a busy touring schedule that takes them across the country, and they’re usually comfortable running their dLive CDM32 system for consistency from show to show,” explained Andrey Balakhmatov from Jamtech. “However, for bigger shows, the band prefer to hire in a larger dLive system, which is simple for us as the show file is easily transferred between the systems.”

A dLive S7000 Surface was partnered with a DM64 MixRack to handle both FOH and monitor duties from one system, with engineer Alexey Krivolapov taking full advantage of the 128 processing channels and 64 mix busses provided by the MixRack. The 36 fader, dual-touchscreen S7000 Surface was chosen by Jamtech for its ease of use in combined FOH/monitor applications, with the DM64 offering 64 inputs and 32 outputs on the stage without the need for remote expanders and additional cabling.

“We’re always happy to deploy dLive consoles for events,” Andrey adds. “The system has enough tools to solve any problem, it’s quick to navigate, and it’s easy to configure for the operator. Our engineers love the sound of the mixer.”

30th April 2021

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