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candlePower octo LED dimmer used on Dublin monument

candlePower octo LED dimmer used on Dublin monument
candlePower octo LED dimmer used on Dublin monument


Ireland – candlePower octo, the versatile new constant current/voltage LED driver from Artistic Licence, has been installed at Dublin's Wolfe Tone National Monument, just in time to ensure a patriotic green wash for St. Patrick's Day on 17th March this year.

The monument, which commemorates the 18th century Irish revolutionary Wolfe Tone, consists of a bronze sculpture and imposing backdrop of granite monoliths. EmCon Systems, the Irish lighting technology solution providers, were responsible for delivering a system that could provide subtle white illumination, with automatic triggering of special effects such as colour washes, or a rippling national flag on calendar days of note.

EmCon needed a DMX512/RDM controlled constant current driver for its Scorpion RGBW LED IP65 Projector. The Scorpion is based on the Ostar LED which runs at 728mA. Having worked with Artistic Licence products frequently in the past, Emcon approached the company for a solution.

EmCon needed a driver that could be easily engineered into the fixture enclosure and, critically, gave the ability to remotely adjust the LED current during commissioning.

Wayne Howell, CEO of Artistic Licence comments: "candlePower octo has certainly caused a stir in the projects world. I had mentioned the fact that we were developing the product to a couple of companies – only to find almost all the first production batch was sold before we had formally launched the product!"

Peter Barry of EmCon comments: “The EmCon Scorpion is an RGBW LED IP65 projector, it uses three RGBW Osram Ostar LEDs with either narrow, medium and/or wide beam optics.

We utilised 16 luminaires in total, eight per side with four narrow beam, eight medium beam and four wide beam. The overall maximum power dissipation for the entire installation can be up to 400W, which is not a lot considering that in normal use it shall be approximately 114W when in white light mode.”

candlePower octo is a DMX512/RDM controlled LED dimmer with eight channels. Each channel can be individually set to constant current (CC) or constant voltage (CV) dimming. Using a combination of analogue and digital technology, the product provides smooth results with all DC LEDs, with exceptional performance at very low intensities. The product is rated at 2A per channel and can be powered over a wide range of voltages (10 – 60 VDC).

candlePower octo

  • Constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) dimmer

  • DMX512/RDM controlled

  • Compatible with DC LEDs, composite LED panels and DC tape

  • Scene playback

  • Programmable data loss mode

  • Configurable output current in 36mA increments

  • Eight outputs, 2A per circuit

  • Safety trip current per output in CV mode

  • 8-bit or 16-bit control

  • Choice of four editable dimming curves, uploadable on a per output basis via DMX-Workshop

  • Ability to upload custom dimming curves

  • LED indication for DMX/RDM/playback, power, identify, outputs and fault conditions

  • Convection cooled with active derating

  • RDM sensors for temperature and output fault

  • Automatic heat and current management

  • Common mode input filter

  • DIN Rail or surface mount

photos: Robert Linsdell/CC by 2.0 and Peter Barry/EmCon Systems Ltd.


15th April 2021

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