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Electrosonic Group Launches New Group Company Website

Electrosonic Group Launches New Group Company Website
Electrosonic Group Launches New Group Company Website

UK – Electrosonic, a leading international Audiovisual and Technology Services Company, invites its customers and partners to explore its new website.

The new provides an engaging user experience with simplified navigation and enhanced visual design, showcasing the rich experiential technology solutions it creates. Developed with a focus on experiential technology in mind, the site includes many new elements to help customers and partners quickly and easily navigate the site to experience what’s possible.

Some of the new features include:

  1. Look-ahead navigation optimised to reduce the numbers of user clicks to navigate the website

  2. Embedded audiovisual elements enable customers and prospects to quickly narrow down the core elements of the experiential technology solution

  3. Simplified sales and technical support to expedite response time and enhance customer/partner satisfaction

  4. Responsive design allowing the site to be compatible with all browsers and mobile devices experiences

  5. Easier to find customercentric marketing collateral, project profiles and videos

“I am thrilled about the new website, which marks our journey to help customers and partners to identify innovative technology solutions that augment their day-to-day experiences where people live, work, and play. The new portrays the art of engineering, which is our unfair advantage in any complex and experiential solutions which bring innovation, technology and talent at the core of all the activities we do to help customers to solve their critical business issues,” commented Maurizio Capuzzo, chief marketing officer at the Electronic Group.

Customers and partners visiting the new website can stay informed with the latest Electrosonic industry and innovations news through its online blog and podcast

“Electrosonic brings technology experiences to life for our customers across the globe, and the new enables them to immerse themselves in the art of engineering, bringing innovation to life within their organisations. Whether it’s a corporate enterprise, location-based entertainment facility, or essential business operation, users will find inspiration at,” said electronic digital marketing manager Alex Westerh.

Jon Hancock, CEO of the ES Group, further commented: “The new website brings to life how we push the boundaries of technology to unleash the power of human experience to enhance life where people live, work and play. It represents a new step forward in our journey to deliver technology services that create value for our customers and partners.”

15th April 2021

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