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CTWLK 2020 a success with Infinity and Showtec lights

CTWLK 2020 a success with Infinity and Showtec lights
CTWLK 2020 a success with Infinity and Showtec lights

The Netherlands – The Muziekgieterij in Maastricht has provided the stage for three CTWLK fashion shows, watched by over 150,000 viewers through live stream or attendance. Showtec and Infinity fixtures provided the perfect solution for the difficult lighting circumstances with TF-260C7 Fresnel and iB-2R fixtures, Spectral M800 Q4, Data Flash and Stage Blinders.

Fashion event planner Sessibon had organised the CTWLK hybrid fashion show, commissioned by the municipality of Maastricht to take place in the Muziekgieterij in August 2020. Sessibon partnered up with DEMO Productions, Schoonbrood Agency, STV Visuals, Viro video, Hout video, Toni&Guy hairdressing, and others to develop three shows: a brand show from national department store De Bijenkorf, a show on behalf of local shopping malls Entre Deux and Mosae Forum, and a multi-brand show from entrepreneurs from the inner city of Maastricht.

Due to the COVID measures in effect at the time, only a select audience was allowed to be physically present. Therefore, the event was recorded and streamed live. In total, over 150,000 viewers have watched the three shows through livestream and/or live attendance.

Fabian Huijts of FH Light Facilities programmed and operated a spectacular light show to put the models on the catwalk in the spotlight. The event was sponsored by Demo Productions, Muziekgieterij, FH Light Facilities and Highlite. Fabian used Showtec’s Spectral M800 Q4, Stage Blinder 1, Stage Blinder 4, Data Flash, and Infinity’s iB-2R and TF-260C7 Fresnel fixtures to light the difficult venue, where the major differences in height made even lighting difficult. “Thanks to the quality lighting products from Infinity and Showtec it all turned out beautifully,” according to Huijts.

Infinity’s iB-2R moving head offers razor-sharp beams, fast movements, and professional functions. 17 Gobos, 14 dichroic filters, two prisms, and a maximum output of 7780 lumen make it a powerful event companion. The Infinity TF-260C7 Fresnel professional theatre light offers a beam width from 15 to 50 degrees through a powerful 260-W LED with a very high CRI of 96 for natural colours, enhancing the outfits on the catwalk. Showtec’s Spectral M800 Q4 RGBW LED spot offers a reliable and waterproof (IP65) fixture, with a soft-edged beam of 16 degrees and a total of 1452 lumen. The endless variation of colours generated by the RGBW fixtures created a versatile ambiance that enhanced the event vibe. The Showtec Stage Blinders and Data Flash fixtures further supplemented the lighting effects and completed the total visual experience.

CTWLK 2020 a success with Infinity and Showtec lightsCTWLK 2020 a success with Infinity and Showtec lights

7th May 2021

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