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Netflix VO Actor Relies on Audient and EVO in Home Studio

Netflix VO Actor Relies on Audient and EVO in Home Studio

USA – Voice actor, Paul Castro Jr used his Audient ASP880 whilst recording the recently released Netflix anime series, High-Rise Invasion for which he voiced the supporting character, Rikuya Yoshida. This is one of his many jobs to have become remote recording sessions over the past year (for obvious reasons), which means he’s come to rely on the eight channel mic pre from Audient in his home studio.

“This past year truly proved that having a professional home studio set-up with reliable industry-standard gear is critical for a thriving VO business. The ASP880 is an essential part of my workflow now,” says Paul. When asked what he appreciates about the British mic preamplifier, he explains: “Typically, when you are recording sessions from home, you'll be sending along your files as RAW and clean as possible with no effects or compression etc. added to them. However, the ASP880's stellar preamps and low noise floor have exponentially improved my home studio quality.

“In addition, the eight extra ADAT channels now allow me to have multiple mics on deck in preparation for whatever a specific project might require, which is a spectacular addition, as efficiency and simplicity is everything for me. Also, for the days where there are numerous auditions and I cannot control the outside elements, being able to dial in my desired sound with its HPF and PADs has been a big plus.”

More recently he’s added the EVO 4 audio interface to his arsenal. “It’s the interface I use on my desktop which is my workhorse machine for editing and gaming,” he explains, describing it as “truly perfect for anyone. Whether that's podcasting, live streaming, music, or voice over; the preamps in the machine are beautiful,” he continues. “The
EVO 4 is also the interface I pack with me when I am on-the-go travelling, since it's so lightweight, compact and USB powered. I really love it.”

His youthful and energetic voice acting belies a decade of industry experience. Encompassing the full spectrum of video games, animation cartoons and anime, Paul’s characters are often speaking to Gen Z and Millennial audiences. This can involve a lot of shouting and occasional arm-flailing which, given that much of the recording takes place in his dedicated home studio, could affect his neighbours. “They’ve yet to complain, so fingers crossed!” he laughs.

Netflix VO Actor Relies on Audient and EVO in Home StudioNetflix VO Actor Relies on Audient and EVO in Home Studio

24th May 2021

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