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South Korea’s Busan Sound Stage Equips Its Audio Facilities With PMC

South Korea’s Busan Sound Stage Equips Its Audio Facilities With PMC
South Korea’s Busan Sound Stage Equips Its Audio Facilities With PMC

South Korea – A wide range of PMC professional studio monitors have been installed at Busan Sound Stage, a new audio post production facility in South Korea that has been established to help the region develop its film industry.

Located in Busan City’s Haeundae-gu area, the new facility is owned and operated by the Busan Film Commission and has five studios including a Dolby Atmos ADR/Re-recording room that is equipped with PMC system comprising twotwo.8, result6 and twotwo sub2 monitors. Three of the four remaining rooms, which are dedicated to Foley, Editing, Mastering and Education, also feature PMC result6 and twotwo sub2 monitors, all supplied by PMC’s South Korean distributor Music Metro.

“PMC monitors were chosen for this facility because they offer very high resolution audio that allows us to hear elaborate sound in perfect clarity,” says Brandon Han, general manager at Music Metro. “Our customer particularly liked their consistent balance at every level, especially the deep low frequencies. Everyone is really happy with their performance and the sound they are delivering.”

Launched some years ago as the first film production support organisation in Korea, Busan Film Commission has played a crucial role in strengthening Busan’s film and video industry. As well as supporting over 1,000 films and videos, the Commission has also expanded the city’s film industry infrastructure by building studio and post production facilities and supporting local companies that are related to the film industry. Another key part of its remit is education and to this end it has established the Busan Asian Film School, which lays down the foundations of industry professional training.

The opening of Busan Sound Stage is designed to help film companies complete their projects without having to travel to South Korea’s capitol city, Seoul.

“The film and video industry in Busan is still quite weak compared to the metropolitan areas, with most of the projects consisting of independent, low budget movies,” says Chang-gee Hond, production manager at Busan Sound Stage. “Going to Seoul to carry out ADR, mastering and editing is time consuming and expensive, so the Busan Film Commission decided to set up professional ADR facilities to help the local industry. The entire first floor of the commission’s headquarters was re-modelled to make room for the studios and these were officially opened at the end of 2020.”

Busan Sound Stage is now handling projects for many of the city’s film producers and directors, with recent projects including corporate promotion videos and a short movie that was filmed in the Busan area. Although most of the work is ADR, some customers are using the facility to record and mix music for films.

7th May 2021

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