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CT and BK Events deliver Virtual Event with Vmix

CT and BK Events deliver Virtual Event with Vmix

UK - From March through to June 2021, Creative Technology (CT) has been working closely with Bernie Kearns of BK Events to gather multiple remote contributions for a blue-chip communications client, utilising efficient and streamlined software-based production systems.

Having delivered projects for the same client where previously Quicklink’s software remote contributions from clients’ own laptops were used, it was identified early on that a highly cost-effective solution was required for this show due to the vast number of contributors that would be joining from a multitude of geographical locations.

All contributors needed to be recorded and processed, resulting in over 100 hours of recordings and three live shows. To cut down on editing for the broadcasts the production facilities needed to be able to record and place all contributors in the ‘show setting’, windowed over a pre-determined background along with ISO recordings of all the presenters and the TX output.

To meet these requirements, CT proposed a production facility based around one of their Vmix systems enabling straightforward on-boarding of contributors, a custom designed background, ingestion of PowerPoint, VT content, countdown clock and even prompt all in one controllable and flexible interface.

To maintain social distancing for all, the Vmix system was augmented and expanded to allow remote viewing of a custom low latency Multiview, paired with of Unity remote comms. This enabled the end client, producers, and other involved parties to view the output and communicate with the production team without being physically on-site.

The event system was situated on-premises at CT for the duration of the project and due to continued demand has formed the basis of several Vmix facilities to offer customers at CT London.

Gerry Francke, account manager at Creative Technology commented: “Bernie has been a valued client of CT for many years and is always looking for the best and most appropriate solution for his projects. The current climate has made it very difficult for businesses to communicate with their audiences and so it is crucial to deliver efficient solutions to meet their needs. As the project developed it became clear that Vmix would be able to provision all the needs of the event whilst sitting within budget and able to be managed by less crew than other solutions. The choice of this system and the great team on the run of events has resulted in a super-efficient offering.”

Bernie Kearns, Owner of BK Events, comments: “This is a new part of an industry I have worked in for too many years, so a big learning curve, with the multiple events I have delivered with CT over this time, using various formats, they have given me support every step of the way on every event. From the project managers to the crew in pre-production and also an amazing flexibility to adapt quickly during the pre and live events. So thank you to Gerry and the CT team!”

CT and BK Events deliver Virtual Event with Vmix CT and BK Events deliver Virtual Event with Vmix

1st July 2021

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