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KLOTZ expands the PRO Patch cable range

KLOTZ expands the PRO Patch cable range
KLOTZ expands the PRO Patch cable range

Due to the renaissance of analogue studio technology, Tiny Telephone patchbays are once again in use in many professional recording studios. The Tiny Telephone or Bantam jack plug has the advantage over the normal jack plugs that the different diameters of tip and ring prevent short circuits and thus noise when plugging in.

The new Tiny Telephone patch cables (M4TT) are equipped on both sides with high-quality 4.4mm Bantam 3 pin connectors by Neutrik. In order to be able to connect external effect racks or balanced instruments and signal sources to professional TT patchbays, KLOTZ also offers Tiny Telephone adapter cables with black XLR and TRS connectors. The TT adapter cables are equipped on one side with the Bantam 3 pin connector and XLR 3 pin female (M4TF), XLR 3 pin male (M4TM) or TRS connectors (M4TS) on the other side. Thus, all common devices can be connected to a TT patchbay.

The M4T patch and adapter cables are manufactured with the highly flexible MY204 cable with a conductor cross-section of 0.22mm2. This patch cable features a compact outer diameter of only 4.6mm and an extremely low capacitance of 75 pF/m. The dense, tinned braided shield ensures perfect shielding and also increases the tensile strength of the patch cable. In combination with the high-quality Neutrik Bantam connectors, a very high number of mating cycles is guaranteed, exactly what makes a professional patch cable.

For a better clarity at the patchbay, KLOTZ offers the TT patch and adapter cables optionally with black or red PVC outer jacket with the six-fold KLOTZ quality control according to ISO 9001:2015.

The new KLOTZ packaging also ensures optimum presentation when on display.

KLOTZ expands the PRO Patch cable rangeKLOTZ expands the PRO Patch cable range

15th July 2021

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