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The North American Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference to address gender issues

USA – The upcoming virtual North American Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference (NATEAC) will host two sessions that embrace gender issues in the building design industry.

Design for All Genders will address the mysteries of building code language and offers examples of ways to accommodate all people in public buildings. Todd Hensley, Katherine Georgeson, Lain Mathers and Peter Scheu take on the overly complicated issue of signage for gender inclusivity and how it can be simplified. This is a must see for future planning.

Implicit Bias that Women+ Experience in Theatre Engineering, Architecture and Construction: What are the experiences of women+ working in theatre engineering, architecture and construction? Does implicit bias discourage women+ from entering these fields and/or impede their professional progress? In this interactive session NATEAC will explore how to address implicit bias and build a more inclusive work environment. Heather McAvoy, Krissy Kenny, Bren Walker and Catrina Alexandre fearlessly discuss the variety of obstacles women+ face in working in all aspects of building a building. Whether the barriers are intentional, subliminal, contrived or innocent, the walls exist. Join this lively presentation as they explain what we have to do to tear down those walls.

Bill Sapsis, conference director, noted: “Matters of gender in the theatre are very real not only for patrons but also members of the design community. The days of ignoring them, of looking the other way, are over. These two panels meet the issues head on and provide timely and important information that will help all of us going forward.”

NATEAC registration is now open. The registration fee is $145 and includes three days of provocative and worthwhile information. Conference dates are 20, 21 and 22 July, 2021

NATEAC thanks its sponsors whose support makes this conference possible.

1st July 2021

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