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Chauvet Professional and multi-media systeme Create Magic at the Rulantica Water World

Chauvet Professional and multi-media systeme Create Magic at the Rulantica Water World

Germany – Before the opening of the Rulantica Water World in November 2019, the largest German theme park Europa-Park generated publicity by releasing a virtual 3D rendition of the massive attraction online. The platform was widely praised for its realism, but nothing could have prepared guests for the experience of visiting this impressive 32,600m² water world, which is located close to Europa-Park, on the edge of Germany’s Black Forest.

Honoured with the “Parkscout Audience Award” as best water park in Germany for the second time in a row, Rulantica is designed around a mythical Nordic theme, and it dazzles the imagination with a wide range of unique attractions for young and old, while immersing the guests in aquatic fun. Since opening in 2019, Rulantica has already been extended with the opening of Svalgurok, a towering play structure with over 100 playing opportunities that dominates the outdoor landscape of this colourful, aquatic wonderland.

Named after a mythical sea serpent, Svalgurok is designed around an interactive robotic theming element, a first for an aquatic play structure. The play structure´s dramatic main character, Svalgur, moves its head and features some fantastic light and water special effects.

Enhancing the effect of Svalgurok and captivating visitors with mesmerizing visuals is a design by multi-media systeme that draws on the brightness and colour-rendering prowess of 12 Maverick Storm 1 Wash, 4 Maverick Storm 1 Spot, 19 Ovation E-260WW IP and 16 COLORdash Par-H12 fixtures from Chauvet Professional.

Although the unique structure of Svalgurok can be seen all around the Rulantica site during the day, Elias Jenny, project manager of multi-media systeme was adamant that the addition of targeted lighting would put the craggy metallic structure at the forefront of the site at night as well. Central to achieving his nighttime vision were the vibrant colours and punchy wash effects of the Maverick Storm 1 Wash fixtures, which are positioned strategically around the site to highlight the serpentine play structure from all sides and angles.

"The Mavericks were instrumental in bringing the serpent features of the play structure to life," commented Elias, whose concept also involved positioning luminaires in the eyes and mouth of the serpent’s head to create a menacing, beacon-like effect for visitors. "We placed 12 fixtures in and around the structure to create an overlapping set of saturated coloured wash effects. This had the effect of creating a brooding and mystical overall appearance.”

In addition to the blanket of colour effects provided by the wash fixtures, a further four Maverick Storm 1 Spot fixtures ensured that the snake-like play structure could be punctuated with bright bursts of light. Thanks to the 14,500 lumen output and the wide zoom range of the fixtures, the addition awarded the structure with an added sense of depth and perspective.

Crucially for Elias, one of the most important elements of the entire design concept relied upon the ability to position the fixtures as close to the structure as possible. As a result of the IP68 rating of the Maverick Storm fixtures, he was able to position each fixture directly within and around the various slides without having to worry about exposure to water splashes and the outdoor elements in general.

To add an element of homogeneous illumination to the overall site, the Ovation E-260WW IP ellipsoidal units were integrated into the lighting concept, positioned slightly further away from the main structure. Thanks to the long throw of the fixtures, the design team were able to summon mystical coloured atmosphere throughout the whole area.

Completing the rig with dashes of fill light and bursts of colour from the inner part of the Svalgurok structure, the compact footprint of the COLORdash Par-H12 fixtures gave the design team a major aesthetic advantage thanks to their ability to be seamlessly integrated into the structure.

Combined with the effects of Svalgurok’s automation features, the interplay of the various lighting fixtures positioned around the slide endow it with dynamic quality that give it a distinct personality, which makes it seem to come alive.

Visitors who came to Rulantica before Svalgurok first appeared, will be surprised by how the new mythical Outdoor World of Slides, takes the enchanting quality of the park to a new level. But exceeding expectations is nothing new at this water park, where the creative waters run very, very deep.

Chauvet Professional and multi-media systeme Create Magic at the Rulantica Water WorldChauvet Professional and multi-media systeme Create Magic at the Rulantica Water World

27th January 2022

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