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Main Light Expands Inventory of GT Plus Truss Products from Tyler Truss

Main Light Expands Inventory of GT Plus Truss Products from Tyler Truss
Main Light Expands Inventory of GT Plus Truss Products from Tyler Truss

USA – Main Light has expanded its truss inventory with GT Plus truss from Tyler Truss. Both Main Light East and West now have the standard 10ft, 8ft, and 5ft lengths in stock in addition to bases, corners, Tyler’s Indexable Spigots, and necessary accessories. GT Plus truss features redesigned leg sleeves and locking leg collars that allow for smoother operation.

The GT Plus truss inventory purchase continues Main Light’s commitment to building inventory that offers benefits for their clients. “By having the moving lights safely and securely travel in the truss, this eliminates the need for road cases, which means less space is needed on the truck,” states Randy Mullican, general manager for Main Light. “GT truss saves on space, weight, and reduces fuel consumption, which our clients really appreciate. It also speeds up the load-in and -out times as well, again providing a big savings for our clients.

Main Light’s purchase of all its GT Truss units with Tyler’s patented Indexable Spigots, notes Mullican, “is important, because not everybody has those and we do now, which means that we can be sure to cover our clients’ needs. The indexable spigots allow you to easily make designed shapes, because you can take the spigot out and rotate it 90-degrees. With their gate system, you can easily and quickly build an arch or build circles with standard pieces of truss.”

Bill Edwards, VP of marketing and sales for Tyler Truss, further explains how the Indexable Spigots offer more compatibility to Main Light’s clients: “When you buy truss, it generally has fixed fork ends; they're either vertical or horizontal. So, if you want to use certain accessories like gates to do arches and things like that, you have to have your gate match your fork end. You can't have a horizontal gate fork end and a vertical fork. They have to match. With our Indexable Spigots, Main Light can quickly and easily change the vertical or horizontal orientation on their GT Plus truss to match what is needed for their customer’s rental. Randy, Justin Gimbutas in Assets, and Dave Pretz in Logistics have all been very professional and really know the business and the industry. We are happy to support Main Light’s trussing needs.”

“Tyler Truss makes a great product that our clients will really appreciate,” states Mullican. “We are very pleased to be able to add Tyler’s GT Plus truss to our inventories in both Delaware and Las Vegas.”

5th January 2022

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