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New Pixel products from Showtec

New Pixel products from Showtec
New Pixel products from Showtec

Showtec has introduced six new items within its line of Pixel products for dressing up venues. The Pixel Panel 1024 is a 64x16 RGB LED-matrix panel, the Pixeltube 32 and Pixeltube 16 are RGB LED tubes with black frosted covers, and the Pixel Bubble 75 set is an RGB-LED-ball matrix with five strings, which can be extended up to six metres each with Pixel Bubble Extension Strings. They are excellent additions to rental and stage applications. The Pixel Dot is a single 3W RGB LED intended for, but not limited to, fixed ceiling installation. All of them offer individual pixel control, meaning each pixel can be adjusted independently, even within the Pixel Panel 1024.

Six new products have been added to Showtec’s Pixel line. The new Pixel Panel 1024 offers an impressive number of individually controllable RGB LEDs: 1024 in a matrix of 64 by 16. For this, users need an impressive 3076 channels of Art-Net. With 30 presets, stand-alone operation is also an option, as are eight-channel control through DMX, Art-Net, and Kling-Net, master/slave control, and manual control through an OLED display on the back. A flexible rigging system and removable black frosted cover are included.

The new Pixeltube 32 and Pixeltube 16 house respectively 32 or 16 x 1W RGB LEDs, which can be individually controlled by DMX, Art-Net, and Kling-Net through Showtec’s dedicated Pixel Controller, a universal controller capable of driving the Showtec Pixelstrip 20 and 40, the Pixeltube 16 and 32 and the Pixel Dot, by switching between modes. Up to five metres of Pixeltube can be daisy-chained. Pixeltube 16 and 32 can be mixed and used in any configuration, as long as it doesn't exceed the five metre per output limit. They come with a black frosted cover and rigging system which allows easy attachment to truss or 50mm pipe without the need for tools.

Showtec’s new Pixel Dot is a single 3W, 50mm RGB LED with a white frosted cover for fixed (ceiling) installation. It is controlled through Showtec’s Pixel Controller and can be daisy chained up to 40 units per Pixel Controller output. Its spring clips make installation as easy as installing an ordinary recessed ceiling spot.

The new Showtec Pixel Bubble 75 set consists of a control bar with built-in power supply and five string outputs. Included are 15 one metre long strings, each with five white frosted 5cm 'bubbles', totalling 75 individually controllable RGB LED balls. Each string can be extended with the one metre long Showtec Pixel Bubble Extension Strings with five RGB LED balls, up to a maximum total length of six metres per string. Up to 450 channels are then needed to control each individual pixel through DMX, Art-Net, or Kling-Net. Alternatively, it has several programs built in, and manual as well as master/slave control are also possible. Installation is easy using the two included brackets.

New Pixel products from ShowtecNew Pixel products from Showtec

24th January 2022

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