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Showgear Rain Domes keep moving heads dry

Showgear Rain Domes keep moving heads dry
Showgear Rain Domes keep moving heads dry

Showgear has introduced its new Rain Domes for moving heads. The Rain Domes allow users to safely deploy indoor fixtures in wet conditions. Two platform sizes and three transparent sleeves are available to accommodate many different moving heads and fixtures.

The Showgear Rain Domes are perfect for using indoor moving heads in outside, wet conditions. They are designed to withstand copious amounts of rain and keep the fixtures safe. Two types of platforms and three types of sleeves, which are available separately, accommodate all but the biggest moving heads. The smaller 40cm platform can be combined with a sleeve 40cm in diameter and 52cm high. For the bigger 60cm platform there are two types of sleeves available: a cylindrical one with a diameter of 60cm and a height of 62cm and a bulb-shaped one with a base diameter of 60cm, a wider top, and a height of 85cm.

A conveniently placed power inlet and multiple outlets provide an easy way to power the fixture underneath the sleeve. The Pro Power True input is daisy-chained to a Pro Power True output on the back and Pro Power True, Schuko and Pro Power outputs on top of the platform. A waterproof opening (flap) in the sleeves allows easy access to all cabling of your moving head, without the need to remove the whole sleeve. On the bottom four M12 threaded holes can be used to install spigots for mounting the platform on a truss totem.

The Rain Dome has a built-in pressure switch to prevent unwanted damage. The switch will automatically shut down all power when inside pressure diminishes. This can be temporarily overruled by an included bypass switch. This way, the moving head will not suffer from burned-out motors if the sleeve accidentally deflates and impedes the head’s movements.

12th January 2022

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