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High quality low loss AES and DMX cable drums for long distances

High quality low loss AES and DMX cable drums for long distances

KLOTZ now supplies two new digital cable drums with high-quality Neutrik XLR 3 pin and 5 pin connectors with protective caps. KLOTZ uses the new OT234YS low loss data cable with a conductor cross-section of 0.34 mm² (AWG 22/7) as the digital cable.

The robust and yet very flexible cable has a particularly low signal attenuation, which is due not least to the generous conductor cross-section and the low capacitance. This makes it suitable for extremely long distances and transmits both digital signals such as AES/EBU and DMX, as well as analogue microphone and line audio signals easily and stably. Two shields protect against noise. Once the Al-PET foil, and additionally a very dense copper braiding with a coverage of 85%.

The robust PVC jacket with an outer diameter of 6.7 mm is suitable for a temperature range of -20°C to +70°C and still gives the cable a pleasant flexibility despite the massive conductor cross-section and the double shielding. With a minimum bending radius of just 40 mm, the OT234YS is ideal for cable drums.

The AES3N4YSD and DMX5N4YSD cable drums are made of break-resistant plastic and are equipped with a locking brake. At the outer reel core, the cable end is flexibly available in a length of two metres. Both cable ends are also provided with transparent shrink tubes for free labelling. The cable drums are available in lengths from 50m to 200m and carry the 6-fold KLOTZ quality control according to ISO 9001:2015.

28th October 2022

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