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Robe Tetra2s for K3 Tour

Robe Tetra2s for K3 Tour
Robe Tetra2s for K3 Tour

Benelux – The most popular, successful and long-lasting girl band in Benelux – K3 – are back on the road and enjoying performing live shows again to their enthusiastic young fanbase, complete with a slick streamlined and tightly choreographed show produced by Studio 100, with lighting designed by Jeroen Opsteyn from creative practice Painting with Light (PWL) who worked closely with choreographer, Tommy Gryson.

Wanting to keep the focus firmly in the three girls, a more minimalist ‘bare stage’ production concept was developed without video but with a big emphasis on lighting to provide the visual atmospherics including a kinetic essence that flowed throughout the performance with the dance movements.

This was delivered thoughtfully and with great impact by Jeroen with a carefully chosen rig that includes 40 Robe Tetra2 moving LED batten fixtures that play a key role in the lighting design which, together with a series of smartly designed props and costumes and the tight choreography, help bring the stage alive with colour and energy.

The Tetra2s are arranged in four vertical ‘perspective’ linear rows above the stage and provide a virtual ceiling and a host of architectural looks.

“I did not want to do another straight spot-wash-spot-wash design,” he explained, “Studio 100 shows are well known for having great production values, and everyone wanted something different, fresh and clean on this tour, so I think with this layout and more structural approach was the way-to-go.”

Jeroen specifically wanted to create proper dramatic curtains of light at certain points and capable of this and a lot more, the Tetra2s “were perfect with their sharpness and zoom – I needed bright fixtures that could zoom down to very small pin-beams of light,” he noted, having been immediately impressed after first seeing them deployed on The Masked Singer and Dancing with The Stars.

The lines of Tetra2s comprise 13,11, nine and seven units respectively with the longest being downstage, and they add some considerable depth to the performance space. They are alternated with lines of 13,11, nine and seven spot moving lights, creating a tunnel-like effect.

The Tetra2s are used as washes, as light curtains and for multiple other effects including the twinkling flowers for power ballad “Ushuaia”.

Other looks include the striking red, white and blue French flag colours for “Frans liedje (French Song)”, all effects that “we simply could not do with any other fixture” states Jeroen who is working on this third K3 tour as lighting designer.

The Tetra2s are fundamental to the look and style of this pacey action-packed show delivery which is positive, upbeat, engaging and huge fun to watch or be involved in!

The tour is out until December playing multiple weekend shows mainly in theatres, with some arena gigs, and while the lighting spec changes from time to time depending on what kit is available from main lighting vendor PRG, the Tetra2s are something on which “there’s no compromise.”

Also on the rig are a lot of zoned LED strobes used more unusually but highly effectively as kinetic effects and wash lighting, all programmed into a grandMA2 console by Jeroen and Niels Huybrechts his colleague from Painting with Light, which is creatively directed by Luc Peumans.

“As always, it’s great to be working with Studio 100’s technical production manager Jan De Goeyse and the wider team that made this show and tour happen as everyone understands the importance of presenting a good show and works to the highest standards of excellence,” concluded Jeroen.

photos: Louise Stickland

Robe Tetra2s for K3 TourRobe Tetra2s for K3 Tour

20th October 2022

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