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PP Sound Light Production acquires India’s first DiGiCo Quantum 338 system

PP Sound Light Production acquires India’s first DiGiCo Quantum 338 system

India – While many companies have been forced to downsize due to the apparent effects of the pandemic, Mumbai-based PP Sound Light Production have conversely displayed a great deal of growth in terms of the volume of gigs that the company has commissioned post-lockdown, as well as its ever evolving inventory thanks to a steady stream of investment into multiple industry leading state-of-the-art technologies and systems.

The company’s latest acquisition has now earned PP Sound Light Production the distinction of being the first equipment rental service company in India to take delivery of a brand new DiGiCo Quantum 338 system. The entire purchase process was facilitated through New Delhi-based DiGiCo authorised distributor, Hi-Tech Audio & Image LLP.

Making sense of the purchase from a business perspective, Prasad Parkar, director of PP Sound Lights Production notes: “Almost every musical and large show that comes in for enquiry specifies DiGiCo, and we’ve noticed over the past few years that most performers, artists and event producers alike favour DiGiCo consoles because of the host of capabilities that they’re known to offer. So, we’ve been pondering the decision to invest in a DiGiCo console system for quite a while now.”

Fortunately for PP Sound Lights Production, the availability of the Quantum 338 in India came at an opportune moment, and its advanced feature set and capabilities made it almost the default option in their purchasing decision.

“We knew that the being the first in India to acquire the Quantum 338 would not only assure us maximum ROI,” adds Prasad Parkar. “It would also allow us the capacity to offer the very best in sound, features, performance, and reliability to our clients and the performing artists that we work with.”

“We are already seeing positive feedback with the arrival of Quantum 338. The possibilities are many with DiGiCo consoles and the dynamic features of Quantum are cutting-edge,” shares Rajan Gupta, founder and managing partner of Hi-Tech Audio & Image LLP. “As a distributor, it is our sole responsibility to work hand-in-hand with rental owners and audio engineers to figure out how we can give them the professional edge with DiGiCo. More training and workshops on DiGiCo consoles are on our agenda as they will boost the confidence of our target audience and answer their queries. Just like we were able to market DiGiCo SD-series, we are very confident that we will carve out a place for Quantum series too in live entertainment industry in India.”

It comes as no surprise to Hi-Tech Audio & Image that the PP Sound Light Production team wasted no time in deploying their newly acquired DiGiCo Quantum 338 system for a high-end corporate conference and award ceremony, which took place at the ultra-luxurious Taj Resort & Convention Centre in Goa. Indian Idol fame singer, Pawandeep Rajan, performed at the event with his band of live musicians.

“The Q338 was deployed as the main FOH console and Hi-Tech Audio & Image’s application engineer for DiGiCo, Satyam Rajvanshi, provided on site technical assistance and support for the event,” says Prem Bhoir, CEO of PP Sound Light Production. “The console has garnered a lot of praise from the performing artists, as well as guest sound engineer Rupjit Das, who mixed on the console during the gig.

“The Quantum 338 scores really high points when it comes to being ergonomically stylish, functional and powerful. The interface is smooth, friendly, familiar and adaptive while also sporting certain functions that are specific to the Quantum range, such as the True Solo function and Spice Rack plug-in style native FPGA processing options, and of course, the Mustard and Nodal processing options. The important thing with the Quantum 338 is that it supports DMI Cards and therefore Dante, which enables us with the capacity to provide a network enabled solution for intricately complex events and all types of major productions, from tours to festivals to high-end corporate events.”

Sharing his experiential feedback on the performance of the DiGiCo Quantum 338, Rupjit affirms: “I’ve been doing live sound for nearly five years now and have always preferred using DiGiCo SD Series consoles. I like the pre amp, there is good level of warmth in the tone and compression, reverb, etc., and the effects are spot on. It was my first time using the DiGiCo Quantum 338 at Goa. Satyam Rajvanshi from the Hi-Tech Audio & Image team was constantly with me and introduced me to the new features on this console, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The nodal processing was very good. I used Spice Rack (Chilli6) on the master and Mustard Processing optical compressor, which ensured that the vocals were very smooth and clear.”

Adding to this, Satyam Rajvanshi , DiGiCo application engineer from Hi-Tech Audio & Image LLP says: “DiGiCo’s cross-compatibility between the consoles is unmatchable. Even for a first-time user, the features of the SD or Quantum series are very straightforward and easy to understand. Be it ease of use, reliability or stability the Quantum technology offers you the best.”

Farhad Daruwalla, one of India’s finest live audio engineers, was at FOH recently for a live show at Mumbai where he worked on the Quantum console. “DiGiCo consoles have been at the top of my preferred console list for the past 12 years,” he shares. “Their SD series consoles had been a game changer since day one, and now they have taken it a step further with the new generation Quantum desks. Easy to use flexible workflow, roadworthy reliability, great sounding head amps combined with their premium Mustard and Spice Racks negates the use of any external hardware or plug-ins for most of my artists. They have taken user feedback received for their SD desks and incorporated the changes in these stellar sounding Quantum consoles. A big thanks to PP Sound Lights Productions for the opportunity to use the first Quantum 338 in India and for the flawless techs provided for my artist.”

“Equipment must be accessible to all the live industry users in India. That’s one of the cornerstones of our business,” concludes Nirdosh Aggarwal, Managing Partner, Hi-Tech Audio & Image LLP. “At Palm Expo 2022, DiGiCo provided us with a Quantum 338 to showcase. Our patrons and prospects were really excited to have a hands-on demo of the console at the expo. These ground-breaking innovations from DiGiCo are always well received globally, as well as in India. I would like to acknowledge the effort and ceaseless support from Mr. Ian Staddon from DiGiCo by providing us with the Quantum 338. We are overwhelmed with the association with Mr. Prasad Parkar and being able to offer him the first Quantum 338 in India. We are very positive about our association with PP Sound Light Production.”

14th November 2022

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