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MDS – modular duct system

MDS – modular duct system

The MDS (modular duct system) is a professional cable duct system for building services and installations in theatres, TV studios and institutes.

The high-quality multifunctional aluminium duct has a width of 110mm, a height of 80mm and can be supplied in the standard lengths of one and two metres, with further lengths on request. The cable duct can be equipped modularly, as required with pre-drilled mounting panels for various audio, video, data and power connectors. Thus, depending on the requirements, D-series panel jacks, RMP and Harting multi-pin connectors as well as various CEE sockets for power supply can be installed in the cable duct. The different side panels allow a cable feed with suitable strain relief or mounting as an offset box on the truss.

KLOTZ also offers a wide range of pre-assembled XLR modules with 3-pin XLR and 5-pin XLR sockets for the MDS. The rear PCBs, which are equipped with LSA-Plus insulation displacement connectors for conductor diameters from AWG 26 to AWG 22, allow both cables with solid conductors, such as the KLOTZ high-end SHD multicore and cables with stranded conductors, such as the proven KLOTZ OX22GHB, to be wired quickly and easily.

The labelling of the respective modules and connections of the cable duct is done via high-quality labelling strips with aluminium profile and transparent PVC cover strip.


1st December 2022

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