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Steve Lieberman and 154 Chauvet Professional Fixtures

Steve Lieberman and 154 Chauvet Professional Fixtures

USA – “Art must take reality by surprise.” So wrote the late, great French novelist and play write Françoise Sagan. Steve Lieberman would have no argument with that.

The owner of SJ  Lighting, Lieberman has built a stellar reputation throughout the world by defying expectations in his designs for major EDM festivals. If it seems like no two of his designs are alike, it’s because he strives to add a new and unexpected element to each one.

“When we design an environment, it’s important to us that we have a visual element that stands out amongst the traditional components,” he explained. “The thing that really elevates a design from the predictable is the unexpected. This is what adds personality to a show.”

On 5 November, Lieberman flashed his originality again at Beyond Wonderland Monterrey, an event produced by Ocesa and Insomniac, with a startling geometric design that featured 154 Chauvet Professional  ÉPIX  Strip IP fixtures with square frosted filters, which, like the rest of the rig, was supplied by Serpro Producciones.

Configured to form squares, the one-metre RGB strips were arranged in five rows over the space in front of the stage. These rows were alternated between four squares and three squares in width. Playing these geometric forms off against one another as well as the other lights in his rig, Lieberman created a series of mesmerizing looks over the venue, each of which gave the space a unique visual signature.

“The audience expects to see moving lights, strobes, blinders, lasers and other FX when they’re in a space like this,” he said. “But working the ÉPIX  Strips this way added a surprising new element that makes the show standout.”

Using the Lightjams LED Mapper controlled by ArtNet from his team’s console, Lieberman conjured up a wide variety of looks throughout the festival to build on the element of surprise during his show. Creating row-to-row chase sequences, he pulled eyes toward the stage. At other times, he used the bright strips to create strobe effects and specials. He also blacked out different parts of the squares from time-to-time to create varying patterns.

“The design really worked well with the music genre, as techno and tech house are an edgier style,” said Lieberman, adding that “sharp lines and angles complimented this type of  music.”

So too does a very original element of surprise.

Steve Lieberman and 154 Chauvet Professional FixturesSteve Lieberman and 154 Chauvet Professional Fixtures

2nd December 2022

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