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# 1 Best New Attraction in the US Takes Flight with Lighting System from Bandit Lites

USA – Bandit Lites has installed the lighting system for the #1 Best New Attraction in the US, SkyFly: Soar America. Located in The Island in Pigeon Forge entertainment park, the attraction is captivating families with its breath-taking views and family-friendly, delightful story. Co-developed by Dynamic Attractions, the flying theatre transports guests to an immersive adventure as they join explorer Peter Wilder and his daughter Hannah on a steampunk airship. They are then whisked away on a flight created by a state-of-the-art 50-ton ride platform that lifts guests into the air before a 50-foot spherical screen that showcases America’s most beautiful and iconic locations. The ride was named the # 1 Best New Attraction in the US for 2021 by the readers of USA Today in the Reader’s Choice 2021 Awards.

“It was crucial for us to have a first-class lighting program that not only defined that world but integrated with the dynamic special effects to make it engaging and magical throughout the guest journey,” said Clay McManus, who co-led the endeavour in partnership with Dynamic Attractions.

Bandit Lites was initially approached to install and program a lighting package that was designed by another firm. Upon closer review, Bandit installation project manager John Jenkinson found opportunities to tailor the design closer to the team’s creative intent in a more cost-effective way and provide better long-term serviceability.

“John quickly identified opportunities in the lighting design and product specifications which would save us money while still achieving the desired results,” explained McManus.

Bandit installed the lighting control system for both the exterior and interior spaces, including the queue line and two pre-show experiences, including a lighting simulation that transports guests via a 'tram' to board Wilder’s flying machine. Bandit, working with Kraftwerk AV, integrated the ETC Mosaic based lighting control system with the ride A/V system to create a seamless immersive experience with lighting, audio and video from the queue line through the attraction’s exit.

“We are honoured that The Island and Dynamic Attractions trusted us to help them realise their vision for this world class attraction,” said Jenkinson. “Their level of dedication to the complete immersive experience and the theming from start to finish was both exciting and refreshing.”

“Bandit was a tremendous team player,” McManus said. “They performed their contracted services to a world-class standard, and beyond that, they were always willing – and more than able – to lend expertise and services in outside areas tangential to their scope and well outside of it.”

The scenic designer and manufacturer supplied a large piece along the queue ramp with large cogs, outfitted to have backlighting that would give the appearance of a glow. Since the light strips were not recessed, the originally specified LED dots were visually abrasive and undermined the illusion.

“After we were unable to remediate the issue with changes to the set piece itself, John found, supplied, and installed a new continuous LED product which looks tremendous and saved the piece,” McManus said.

25th February 2022

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